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May 272014
In this video tutorial I show you how to easily brighten, whiten, and fix flaws in teeth, using Lightroom’s adjustment brush and spot removal tool.
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Apr 302014
Lightroom Synchronize Folder Option

If you have a folder in Lightroom such as your Pictures folder, but you are not sure that all of the photos in that folder and its subfolders have been imported into Lightroom, you can have Lightroom check for you.

I revive this post every couple years because I think it is a very handy one for everyone to know, with many uses:

  • You haven’t been that organized and you want to make sure all your photos are in Lightroom
  • You regularly add, for example, iPhone photos or scanned photos to a folder and want to bring recent additions into Lightroom.
  • You have been shooting raw+JPEG, and have been importing only the raw files, but now want to import the JPEGs. (Read this Shooting in Raw+JPEG post and change your Preferences to treat them separately first).

Here’s how:

Right-click on the folder you want Lightroom to check (all subfolders of this folder will also be checked), and choose Synchronize Folder…Lightroom Synchronize Folder Option

The dialog that opens (after a delay while it checks the folder; shown below) will show you how many new photos it found, if any, and give you the option to import them. I recommend checking Show import dialog before importing, so that you can be sure that you really do want to import them.




This dialog also gives you the opportunity to have Lightroom look for missing photos (with question marks) in your catalog. I don’t recommend checking the box to remove them using this process — Continue reading »

Apr 212014
Lightroom mobile ebook from Victoria BamptonWhen I don’t know something about Lightroom, I turn to Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen — so I turned to her new 90-page Lightroom mobile e-book, Lightroom for Mobile 1: The Missing FAQ to fill in gaps in my own knowledge, and as usual, I was not disppointed.

If you’re using or planning to use Lightroom mobile for the iPad, do check it out. It’s very well-written, comprehensive, and well-designed visually. Not only will you find out about features that would be difficult to discover on your own, but she has suggested work-arounds for some of Lightroom mobile’s current limitations (such as its lack of star ratings, inability to import raw files directly, and more.)   It’s well worth the approximately USD $6.50! Continue reading »

Apr 172014
Lightroom mobile Grid View

As I mentioned in my video introducing Lightroom 5.4 and Lightroom mobile for the iPad, we can sync collections of photos to our iPad, not folders. For those of you not that familiar with collections, I have created this video tutorial to show you how you can create a collection to sync a shoot of photos to your iPad. I also show that once you have done your iPad work (assigning pick and reject flags, and perhaps preliminary Develop work) and the work has synced back to Lightroom desktop, you can delete the collection (if you no longer want to see it on your iPad).

For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

Apr 072014
Lightroom Webinar

[UPDATE: COMPLETED!] If you missed this webinar on Lightroom Mobile, please see my recent blog post on Lightroom Mobile. Sign up to my Lightroom newsletter below for more information on upcoming webinars and alerts of new Lightroom Mobile tutorials and articles!

Join me Wednesday, April 9, as I demonstrate what’s new in Lightroom 5.4, and all the features of Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web view. I’ll also discuss ways to incorporate Lightroom mobile into your workflow, and take your questions.

When: Wednesday, April 9, 11 am Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles/Seattle) / 1 pm CDT / 2 pm EDT / 6 pm GMT. 60 minutes.
Wednesday April 9

Mobile Devices: You may also watch the webinar on your mobile device with the Adobe Connect app from your mobile app store.

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Apr 072014

Adobe Lightroom mobile for iPad Adobe announced today the release  of Lightroom 5.4, which in addition to the typical bug fixes, new camera support and new lens profiles, includes an exciting new feature — the ability to easily sync collections of photos to your iPad, where you can work on them and then have your work automatically sync back to Lightroom on your desktop. You can also view your synced collections of photos on private pages on the web at, and share them with others by providing them with the collection URL.

On your iPad, using the new Lightroom mobile app available from the iPad App Store, at this point you can view your photos, flag them, do some basic develop work, play slideshows and share photos via social media and email.  You can also add photos from your iPad Camera Roll to Lightroom mobile, and have them automatically synced to LR on your Desktop.

Adobe expects to also release Lightroom mobile for iPhones later this year, and then will follow with support for Android devices.

Lightroom mobile Grid View

Lightroom mobile for iPad Grid View

Lightroom mobile is available AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE(!)  to Creative Cloud members with one of the following qualifying plans:

There is no stand-alone purchase option for Lightroom mobile.  Lightroom perpetual customers will be given a 30-day trial to Lightroom mobile, and can subscribe to one of the qualified Creative Cloud plans.

Watch my video below for a demonstration of what’s new in Lightroom 5.4, Lightroom mobile, and Lightroom web view:


My Take On This Release

Lightroom mobile 1.0.0 is rather short on features, and sync speeds are slow. However, I still see this as an exciting direction and a good first step by Adobe. I am really excited about where this will take us – I am tired of being chained to my desktop computer, and having essentially a brick wall between my mobile devices and computer! Continue reading »

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