Keeping Track of Photos in Lightroom Classic That You Haven’t Keyworded

If you have some free time - maybe because you're stuck at home during the virus outbreak - consider working on keywording photos. Keywording your photos with terms you want to be able to search for them by will allow you to find those photos almost instantly. As an aside, remember, Lightroom Classic users have [...]

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Shortcuts for Adding Keywords in Lightroom

Many of you know that I am a fan of adding keywords to photos in Lightroom, so that you can find them quickly later. In this post I will go over some  shortcuts to help you add keywords more quickly. With a photo selected (or group of photos selected in Grid view): Ctl/Cmd-K will open up [...]

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Three Ways to Keyword Your Photos in Lightroom

Have you ever searched for a photo for what seemed like hours, checking in each folder, until you finally just gave up?  If so, you have felt the pain and frustration that comes from not having keyworded your photos.  Keywording isn't the fun part of working in Lightroom, but if you invest the time to do [...]

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Using the Painter Tool to Add Keywords

There are many ways to add keywords to images in Lightroom, but one of my favorites is to spray them on with the Painter tool.  It is quick, and even fun. In the Library module, click on the paint tool in the toolbar below the grid: In the Painter options bar that appears, choose Keywords from [...]

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