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Learn to Create Beautiful Output in Lightroom 4

Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output

A Workshop on Video with Laura Shoe

Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond Training Video Tutorials

Produce professional-quality prints, photo books, slideshows and web galleries with Lightroom!

  • 12 hours of training on 55 videos

  • Available by download and on DVD

  • For PC, Mac, and mobile devices

  • Assumes basic experience with Lightroom. (Start with my Fundamentals & Beyond series.)

“Laura’s video training has to be the best and easiest way to master Lightroom. It’s superb…perfect for both beginners and intermediate level Lightroom users and will impress advanced users as well.  

Photosource International

Laura Shoe has taught for Adobe, creativeLIVE, Rocky Mountain School of Photography and other organizations and has been making video tutorials for 10 years. From her years of teaching experience she anticipates where students get stuck, and with a clear and concise presentation style, guides you through the complexities with ease.

Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Community Professional

What You’ll Learn

Producing Great Output covers Lightroom’s output-creation capabilities. After learning how to prepare for your output project you’ll learn everything there is to know about creating output with the Book, Print, Slideshow and Web modules, as well critical output concepts. CLICK ON THE TABS BELOW to read more about what you’ll learn:

The Book Module (2 hours 54 minutes)

  • Create beautiful photo books that you can upload to to have printed.

  • Create PDF e-books of your book designs to put on your mobile devices and to share electronically with people.

Included videos:

  • Setting Book Options

  • Workflow and Preferences

  • Getting Started

  • Saving Your Book Work

  • Basic Layout Skills

  • Changing Page Layouts

  • Basics of Adding Text

  • More Text Skills

  • Adding Image and Graphic Page Backgrounds

  • Designing Beautiful Covers

  • Using Auto Layout Presets to Save Time and Improve Consistency

  • Tips for Reviewing Your Book before Having It Printed

  • Uploading or Exporting Your Book

  • Reusing Your Book Designs with Other Photos

The Print Module (2 hours 43 minutes)

  • Create single-photo or multi-photo designs.

  • Print to your own photo printer with professional-quality results.

  • Save your designs to have someone else print them or to share them electronically.

Included videos:

  • Print Module Overview

  • Saving Your Work: Print Collections

  • Saving Your Design to Use with Other Photos: Templates

  • Setting Output Size and Destination

  • Making Contact Sheets

  • Triptychs and More; Adding Text

  • Single Photo Layouts

  • Picture Package – Printing Multiple Sizes of the Same Photo

  • Creating Free-Form Designs/Collages with Custom Package

  • The Print Job Panel – Setting Resolution, Profile, and More

  • Printer Settings

  • Thirteen Keys to Printing Success (or, What Can Go Wrong and Why)

Lightroom Print Module

The Slideshow Module (1 hour 42 minutes)

  • Create slideshows with text and music.

  • Play them in Lightroom or export videos and PDFs to share online.

Included videos:

  • Overview; Previewing and Playing Your Slideshow

  • Slide Background, Layout and Other Options

  • Adding Text to Your Photo Slides, Part 1

  • Adding Text to Your Photo Slides, Part 2 – Custom Text

  • Adding Title Slides

  • Saving Your Work

  • Exporting Videos and PDFs of Your Slideshows

Lightroom Slideshow Module

The Web Module (1 hours 35 minutes)

  • Design web galleries showcasing your work and upload them to your website or other webspace.

  • Discover where you may have personal webspace to use that you didn’t know about.

Included videos:

  • Uses for the Web Module

  • Introduction to Working with the Web Module

  • Perfecting the Lightroom HTML, Airtight and Flash Gallery Designs (4 videos)

  • Exporting and Uploading Your Gallery

  • Saving Your Work

Creating and uploading a web gallery using Lightroom's web module

Output Concepts (2 hours 30 minutes)

  • Master output concepts that are critical to getting great quality output and that I think every photographer should know!

Included videos:

  • Introduction to Color Management – Why What You Get in Output May Not Match What You See in Lightroom and What You Can Do About It

  • Calibrating Your Monitor

  • Printer Profiles

  • Color Spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB, etc.) and Previewing Your Output with Soft Proofing

  • Output Proportions – Why You Can’t Get that 8×10 without Cropping

  •  Understanding and Setting Size and Resolution for Printing

  •  Understanding and Setting Size and Resolution for Screen-Based Output

  •  The JPEG Quality Setting and Compression

  • Output Sharpening

What You Get

55 Videos

12 hours of top quality instruction 1024x768px Playable on PC, Mac, Mobile Devices


Speed up your workflow with a PDF of Laura’s favorite output-related Lightroom shortcuts.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the series RISK FREE – if you don’t love it, contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

What My Customers Say

Laura Shoe’s Lightroom course has allowed me to finally understand what Lightroom is and what I can do with it. I have paid hundreds of dollars for Lightroom lessons in person and on the internet, but I screwed up constantly. But by following all the easy steps in Laura Shoe’s course I see myself now as a Lightroom pro! She is clear, calm, easy to understand, exact, precise and friendly. What more do you want?! Hurry, she is the best Lightroom coach you’ll ever need!

– Marijke Rawie (Documentary Consultant, Amsterdam Netherlands)

Lightroom Tutorial Review Marijke Rawie

What a great discovery Laura has been, with no nonsense tutorials and very clear to understand step-by-step instructions. I really thought I knew Lightroom but was really just skimming the surface. Other instructors I have tried usually just say “do this”, Laura firmly sits in the “why you should” bracket. Please support this top class instructor and you will not be sorry. In fact like myself you will be very delighted that you did.

– Graeme Broadhurst (United Kingdom, camera club member)

Lightroom Training Video Review - Graeme
I have many, many books on Lightroom — too many to read them all. However, I have found that Laura’s videos are far easier to comprehend and the quality of the videos is unequaled. She is definitely a cut above.

– Richard Dunn

Laura’s training is always clear and to the point. She seems to anticipate my questions before they even form in my mind. I highly recommend Laura’s training to beginners as well as advanced users. She knows her stuff!

– LM Greene (Computer Consultant/Photo Enthusiast, Connecticut)

Lightroom Training Review - LM Greene

I tried using Lightroom for a number of years and always gave up right away - there are so many subtle issues with the interface, and it's not always clear what's going on. I purchased your Lightroom Fundamentals and Beyond video series and I am so glad that I did. Your clear, detailed explanations are so helpful and have given me the understanding I was missing by trying to figure it out on my own. Thank you so much!

– Jim Detwiler

Jim Detwiler

I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your Lightroom video series. The tutorials are clear and concise, but cover all relevant aspects of the Lightroom features. In fact, I make it a habit to sit down once every couple of weeks and give myself a short “refresher” on some aspect (usually of the Develop module). There is so much functionality that I find I’m always rediscovering something about the program when I revisit a video. Thanks so much.

– Michal Bagley (travel and pet photographer, Austin, Texas)

Lightroom Training Videos - Recommendation - Michal Bagley

I purchased your Lightroom tutorial series and have found it to be superb! I gained a great deal of expertise and felt more at ease in editing my images after participating in this series. Thank you for aiding me in becoming a better photographer.

– Dick Weaver (Pensacola, FL; convert from B/W film and darkroom printing; photo club president)

Lightroom training testimonial - Dick Weaver

Laura is the consummate professional, at the top of the game in terms of delivering the best available Lightroom training, tutorials and tips for both the advanced and beginner. Her training course are extremely well crafted. Pace and pitch of delivery is a pleasure to experience.

– Matt O’Brien

Lightroom Tutorial Recommendation Matt O'Brien

As a serious non-professional travel photographer I had been using Photoshop for 15 years when Lightroom came along. After attending classes in Lightroom where I came away confused, I bought Laura’s video course on LR. Her clear instruction taught me LR and today I use it for all my photography, only occasionally going to Photoshop. I can’t thank Laura enough and would recommend her videos highly.

– Sandra Kunz (Bend, OR)

Lightroom Training Recommendation Sandra Kunz

Learning how to get the most from Lightroom is so much easier with Laura’s video workshops. Each topic is covered by a short stand alone video which can be watched on its own or as part of the series. I have both The Fundamentals & Beyond and Producing Great Output (for Lightroom 5) on my iPad. Ahead of working on some photos I watch one or more video chapters to refresh my memory. It’s great when you are on a train, etc. My knowledge and use of Lightroom is so much better now thanks to Laura’s clearly explained tutorials.

– Sandy (Cambridge, UK)

Lightroom Training Review Sandy

Your straightforward and clear videos finally opened my eyes to the value of Lightroom after I had made several previous failed attempts. Largely thanks to your instruction, I now use it for almost 90% of my photo work, and I have recommended your videos to many other people.

– Caspar Davis (Victoria, B.C.)

Lightroom Tutorial Review

I am 67 years old, an ‘enthusiast’ photographer, and was slowly discovering Lightroom through trial and error until I discovered your website. THANK YOU so much!! You have saved me hours of frustration. After working through both Fundamentals & Beyond and Producing Great Output workshops on video I now feel like I know what I am doing (and why). And I love Lightroom!

– Barb Twite (Australia)

Lightroom Training Testimonial - Barb Twite

The Laura Shoe video series for Lightroom has been indispensable in my development as a photographer. While I had strong photography skills in terms of capturing photos, the post-processing learning curve was steep for me. I purchased both series of Laura’s educational videos and have enjoyed her ability to explain Lightroom in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. I am presently working on a book about the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and the knowledge gained from Laura Shoe’s video series has contributed greatly to the success of this project. I would highly recommend this series to anyone wanting to learn more about Lightroom.

– Joe Ordonez (Rainbow Glacier Adventures; professional nature photographer, author, tour leader)

Lightroom training videos review - Joe Ordonez

Without Laura Shoe, I would have given up on photography completely. I came to it late – in my 60s – and after frustrating experiences with Photoshop, I switched to Lightroom. I found that the teaching resources available didn’t work very well for me. I wish I could remember how I discovered Laura’s work, but I am enormously glad that I did. Her videos have helped me so much – the content and presentation are beyond reproach. Thanks to her inspiration, photography is now an important part of my life. I can create and print images that give me great satisfaction and just occasionally pride. Laura – thank you so much!

John Woodman (Castletown, Isle of Man)

Lightroom Training Review John Woodman

I have Laura’s tutorials on Lightroom 4 and 5. They have enabled me to utilize the wonders of Lightroom. Tutorials are clear, easy to understand and tell you what you need to know. They are the best I have seen. Well worth the cost. Keep up the good work, Laura.

– Rick Currie (landscape, nature and travel photographer)

Lightroom Tutorial Review

I had been using Photoshop Elements. At first I was overwhelmed with learning how to use Lightroom because I couldn’t intuitively grasp all of its capabilities. I watched Adobe and YouTube videos but I still did not have a comprehensive understanding of this software. Then then I found Laura Shoe’s instructional videos. They gave me a solid grounding in the capability and function of Lightroom. Since then I have watched many other good tutorials by other people. But it is Laura’s set of instructional videos which I found to be the clearest and most concise – especially at that point in my learning curve. It was money very well spent to allow this teacher to guide me through the intricacies of Lightroom while I gained confidence.Thank you for a wonderful product.

– Grace Finaldi

Lightroom Tutorial Recommendation

I’m one of the many who moved from Aperture to Lightroom. Most of my struggles these past months have been in the Library module. I just couldn’t grasp how to organize my photo library. All the books and online tutorials kind of just glanced over this important step. My eyes were opened and the light began to shine as I watched your videos and followed your instructions on how to organize my photos. I can’t say enough about how easy, thorough and precise you are in explaining the concepts in your videos. I’ve learned so much from you in fact that recently I was asked by a long-time LR user to show her how to organize her library! Thanks for all your help. I couldn’t have done this without you!!!

Susan Pederson

Lightroom Training Testimonial Susan Pederson

Laura Shoe’s Lightroom tutorials are simple, clear, and comprehensive. I have made a career of teaching computer applications and Laura Shoe’s tutorials are taught by a person who knows how to teach.

– Stephen Cysewski (Professor of Computer Applications, Emeritus, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Lightroom Training Review Stephen Cysewski

I am a retired healthcare educator who teaches digital photography. Laura is a superb instructor. I especially enjoy viewing the videos I purchased so I can refer to them while I’m working projects such as the Book module. I have An Apple desktop and a PC side by side, so I can easily refer to Laura’s material on the PC while I’m working on the Apple. I feel grateful that I know about Laura and her excellent videos. I urge you to order her products. You won’t be disappointed! With gratitude for a great instructor like Laura,

– Barbara Bourgette (North Providence, Rhode Island)

Lightroom Video Training Testimonial - Barbara Courgette

I have had Lightroom for a couple of years and really had no understanding of the complexity of all the modules and was muddling away in a disorganised manner getting nowhere fast. Sure I had a couple of books on the topic but they didn’t quite get the message across to me in a way that I could understand. Then I found Laura and her tutorials. I got the Fundamentals and Beyond and have learned more than I thought was possible. Laura is a pro — she explains without ego in clear concise and easy to follow manner. She gets on with the job, edits out unnecessary fluff and gets to the point, highlighting various relevant scenarios. I recommend and endorse Laura’s packages, totally.

– Mike McPhee (Perth, Western Australia)

Lightroom Training Recommendation - Mike McPhee

I can not tell you how many times I go back to your [Fundamentals & Beyond] tutorials to help me fix an issue in Lightroom or to figure how a tool is used. Thank You So Much! They have saved me countless hours trying to do it on my own.

– Carla Mongelluzzi

Lightroom Training Testimonial - Carla Mongelluzzi

I found Laura’s videos on Lightroom 5 to be the best way to learn how to use it. The series contains a wealth of information on all the tools in the program. Being a video-based learning series, I was able to pause when I wanted to try what Laura was teaching. Laura is a fantastic teacher who clearly explains the process of the actions being used. I highly recommend Laura’s videos to any one wanting to learn Lightroom the best and easiest way possible.

– Joe (seascape photographer, Australia)

Lightroom Training Testimonial Joe - Australia

Laura Shoe’s workshop has provided an immeasurable insight into Lightroom and its catalog. Her clear communication and concise instructions corrected my misconceptions and enabled me to continue cataloging over 20,000 of my collected images. Thank you, Laura.

– Glenda Scott (graphic production; Richland, WA)

Lightroom Tutorial Review Glenda Scott

L – Learning made easy and enjoyable
A – Anyone who can’t learn from Laura should pursue a different art form
U – You have nothing to lose and mastery of Lightroom to gain
R – Are you still reading this? Order a class already…
A – And another thing; She’s so entertaining, you don’t even need to be interested in Lightroom
S – So what’s it gonna take to get you into one of her lessons?
H – How about a money back guarantee?
O – Or the ability to ask her questions via Facebook?
E – Everyone can pick up something useful from her blog

– Gary Bakeman (Anchorage, Alaska; abstract and landscape photographer)

Lightroom Training Testimonial

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Sample Videos

Overview of Lightroom’s Book, Print, Slideshow and Web Modules

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Adding Custom Text to Your Slideshows

Using the Custom Package Feature in the Print Module to Make Photo Collages

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