Masking when sharpening in Lightroom

Did you miss my April 18 “Lightroom Classic and Lightroom 6 Hidden Gems” webinar? If so, you’ll want to download the recording and watch it!  In this 75-minute video I share  little tips and bigger features that Lightroom users are often not aware of and that can speed up your workflow and empower you to achieve tasks you couldn’t otherwise achieve. (Many of the features covered are also available in Lightroom 5.)

I include tips for beginners and experienced users. Here’s some of what I cover:

  • How to make Lightroom’s Folders panel work for you
  • How to manage Lightroom’s panels and information display
  • Tips for faster keywording
  • Finding your photos
  • Hidden settings
  • Quickly assigning photos to a collection; sharing collections with friends and colleagues
  • Using smart previews so you can edit your photos without carrying around your external hard drive
  • Duplicating objects in your photos, easily see and fix spots, other healing and cloning tips
  • Tips for quick Basic panel editing
  • Editing individual colors with HSL
  • Using color range mask to isolate your edits
  • Matching exposure across photos
  • Effectively masking off sharpening
  • Using the Print module to create photo collages, saving them as JPEGs
  • Using the Book module to create e-books and one-page photo and text JPEGs
  • And more!

The download includes the video, an 11-page PDF summary of all the tips I covered, a PDF of Lightroom shortcuts, and the chat log from the live webinar.

This is a fundraiser for COVID-19 response and relief. UPDATE Dec. 31, 2020: The fundraiser has now ended. We raised $13,037 – thank you to Lightroom users around the world!

Half of net proceeds went to Feeding America food bank network, and half went to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to aid response around the world.

Because the fundraiser has ended, I have changed the price in the shopping cart to $0 – go through the free checkout process to receive a download link. Please consider making a small donation for COVID relief directly to one of the above organizations or to any in your local community. 

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Lightroom Classic Hidden Gems