View Photos from More Source Together in the Grid in Lightroom Classic and the Cloud-Based Lightroom

Whether you use Lightroom Classic, Lightroom 6 or the cloud-based Lightroom, sometimes you'll want to view photos from more than source together in the grid, whether the sources are folders, dates, collections or albums. It's easy - select the ones you want using the selection methods that work for files, and then the images for [...]

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Learn Whether and How to Move Your Lightroom Catalog

In this free video tutorial I'll show you how to move your Lightroom catalog - to another location on the same hard drive, to a different hard drive, or even to a new computer. Background: The Lightroom catalog contains all of the work you do in Lightroom - editing, keywording, flagging, collections, [...]

2019-04-03T10:21:30-07:00March 23rd, 2019|2 Comments

Enhance Raw File Details in Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC

Enhanced Details was made available today in the February releases of Lightroom Classic CC (v. 8.2) and Lightroom CC Desktop (v. 2.2). This new process can potentially improve the quality of very fine detail and reduce artifacts and moire in raw files. It re-renders your raw file using a more sophisticated demosaicing algorithm that is [...]

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How Do I Save My Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic Work?

For those new to the cloud-based Lightroom CC or to Lightroom Classic, naturally you want to understand how to save your editing and other work. You'll notice that the File menu in the menu bar suspiciously does not have "File Save" and "File Save As ..." options. The short answer is that all the work you [...]

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Now’s the Time to Set Up Your 2018 Copyright Preset in Lightroom Classic!

Happy New Year, everyone - I hope you have a happy, healthy and photographically-inspired 2018! I recommend adding copyright and contact information to your photos so that when you share these photos with the outside world, the data automatically tags along with them and people can get in touch with you if they come across [...]

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“How Do I Save My Lightroom Work?”

For those new to Lightroom, naturally you want to understand how to save your work. You'll notice that the File menu in the menu bar suspiciously does not have "File Save" and "File Save As ..." options. The short answer is that as you work in Lightroom - adding keywords, stars, flags and other metadata; developing [...]

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How to Safely Rename Your Lightroom Catalog

Many of you have Lightroom 5 catalogs with filenames such as "Lightroom 4 Catalog-2-2". While Lightroom doesn't care what the catalog is named, I of course find it less confusing that the filename reflect what it actually is. In this short video tutorial, I'll show you how to safely rename your Lightroom catalog and the [...]

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Seeing Images in Your Parent and Subfolders

Just a quick tip today — it is 92 in my office and 103 outside —  the hottest day in recorded Seattle history.  (I realize that this is nothing for some of you!) My folders are arranged in a hierarchy —  Picturesyearshoot, with ocassional subfolders within a shoot.  By default the Lightroom folder panel shows an [...]

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How to Move Your Lightroom Catalog

I have written about moving your Lightroom work from your laptop to your desktop (or any two computers) here. This involves exporting your work on the laptop as a catalog, then importing it into your desktop catalog. Sometimes though you may want to simply move your catalog. Mine was initially on an external hard drive; [...]