I’ll Be Out on Sabbatical for a While … But Read This About Lightroom Classic 11

I started my sabbatical September 1, and won't be back to work until sometime next year, but I did promise owners of v. 8 of my Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond video series (who purchased in the past year or also purchased the updates extension) that I'd create one new video tutorial for you while I'm [...]

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What’s New in Lightroom Classic and Cloud-Based Lightroom – August 2021

Adobe today released Lightroom Classic 10.4, cloud-based Lightroom desktop 4.4, and Lightroom Mobile 6.4 for iOS and Android. These small updates include support for new cameras, new lens profiles and bug fixes. For Lightroom Classic, there is also new tether support and one small new collection sets capability. Owners of my latest [...]

2021-08-17T15:08:50-07:00August 17th, 2021|2 Comments

Lightroom Compatibility with MacOS Big Sur and Apple M1 Processors

Apple this week released its new Big Sur operating system. (Read about it from CNN here.) In advance of this the Adobe Lightroomteam worked to make Lightroom Classic 10.0, cloud-based Lightroom 4.0 and Photoshop 22.0 compatible with Big Sur.Lightroom Classic Compatibility with MacOS Big SurAs of Nov. 13, 2020 there are no known issues with Lightroom [...]

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What’s New in Lightroom Classic 9.3 – June 2020 – Local Hue and More

Adobe released Lightroom Classic 9.3 last night. This relatively large update contains new features, improvements to existing features, support for new cameras, tether support, new lens profiles and bug fixes. Updates for the cloud-based Lightroom desktop app and iOS and Android apps were also released, with new features - see my Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop and [...]

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What’s New in Cloud-Based Lightroom Desktop and Mobile – June 2020 – Local Hue and More!

Adobe last night released cloud-based Lightroom desktop app version 3.3 for Windows and Mac, and Lightroom Mobile 5.3 for iOS and Android. These updates contain lots of new features, support for new cameras, new lens profiles, and bug fixes. Lightroom Classic 9.3 was also released - read about it in my Classic article. In This Article: [...]

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