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Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: The Fundamentals & Beyond

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Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond V. 8 (FAB8)

Master the fundamentals of Lightroom and WAY beyond!

In this series for both beginners and experienced users, learn how to import, organize and manage, edit and share your photos.

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“Laura’s video training has to be the best and easiest way to master Lightroom. It’s superb…perfect for both beginners and intermediate level Lightroom users and will impress advanced users as well.

Photosource International

Laura Shoe has taught for Adobe, creativeLIVE, Rocky Mountain School of Photography and other organizations, and has been making video tutorials for over 10 years. From her years of teaching experience she anticipates where students get stuck, and with a clear and concise presentation style, guides you through the complexities with ease.

Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Community Professional

This series covers the most important parts of Lightroom, that everyone should learn well – the Library and Develop modules – as well as Map. Click on the tabs below to read more about what you’ll learn:

Get and Stay Organized

Get and Stay Organized

  • Understand how Lightroom works with a catalog and how to avoid painful mistakes users often make

  • Make decisions on where to store your photos and how to organize them, set up Lightroom to meet your needs

  • Protect your photo library: understand what needs to be backed up and how to do it

  • Import from memory cards, hard drives, iPhoto, Photos, Elements; import as you shoot with your camera tethered to Lightroom

  • Clean up your Lightroom mess: Move and reorganize your photo library; resolve and avoid missing-file issues; merge catalogs, eliminate duplicate photos

  • Add keywords, face tags, stars, labels, names, other “metadata” to find any photo almost instantly

  • Use the Map module to save time and easily find photos based on location without having to add location keywords

Lightroom Library Module
Lightroom Map Module
Fix and Enhance Your Photos

Fix and Enhance Your Photos

  • Watch me develop a photo start-to-finish, then delve into the tools to transform your images

  • Learn and focus on the basics, or master and leverage every tool in the Develop module

  • Take care of problem areas in your photos and bring attention to your main subject

  • Eliminate distractions by removing spots and objects

  • Retouch portraits to smooth skin, remove blemishes, reduce appearance of wrinkles and under-eye shadows

  • Fix architectural lines and lens issues

  • Convert all or part of your photo to black and white, add color toning, grain, and other creative effects

  • Get more done faster with presets and by working on many photos at once

  • Move from Lightroom to Photoshop (or Elements) and back

  • NEW: Two hours of additional photo editing practice with even more tips!

Lightroom Develop - Edit Photo
Lightroom Retouch Portrait
Share Your Photos

Share Your Photos

  • Export copies of your photos to send out for printing or to share electronically

  • Email photos from within Lightroom

  • Upload to Facebook, Flickr and other services

  • Use Publish Services to manage your exports so that you’ll know if you have done more editing since export and need to export/upload again.

  • Watermark your photos with a logo or your copyright

Lightroom Develop - Edit Photo


Beginners: I don’t assume you have any prior experience and I give you guidance on which videos are most important to watch so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Experienced users: in addition to many videos intended particularly for you (The Pros and Cons of DNG, Smart Previews for Offline Editing, Shooting Tethered, The Tone Curve, Noise Reduction and Sharpening, etc., etc.), you’ll find that almost all videos have content intended for you as well – use them to fill gaps in your knowledge.

Table of Contents

Green-coded videos: core lessons that everyone should watch, and beginners should start with.

Introduction (40 min)

      • Series Introduction
      • Introduction to Lightroom
      • How Lightroom Works

Upgrading (32 min)

      • Upgrading to Lightroom Classic CC
      • Updating Lightroom Classic CC
      • Upgrading to Lightroom 6

Devise Your Organization and Backup Strategy (37 min)

      • Organizing and Backing Up Your Photo Library
      • Setting Up and Managing Catalog Backups; Catalog Files

Importing into Lightroom (1 hour, 35 min)

      • Importing from Your Hard Drive
      • Importing from Memory Cards
      • Importing from Elements into 6, CC 2015, Classic
      • Importing from Elements into Lightroom 5
      • Importing from iPhoto
      • Import from Mac Photos
      • Shooting While Tethered to Lightroom
      • Auto Import from a Watched Folder

Setting Up Lightroom and Getting Started in Library (1 hour,