Enhance Raw File Details in Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC

Enhanced Details was made available today in the February releases of Lightroom Classic CC (v. 8.2) and Lightroom CC Desktop (v. 2.2). This new process can potentially improve the quality of very fine detail and reduce artifacts and moire in raw files. It re-renders your raw file using a more sophisticated demosaicing algorithm that is [...]

2019-04-08T21:13:26-07:00February 12th, 2019|3 Comments

How to Reuse Your Lightroom Photo Book Design

If you've made a photo book with Lightroom's Book module, you know that it can take a long time to get it just right. When you're ready to make your second book, rather than start from scratch, reuse your first design, modifying it as you see fit. In the video tutorial below, from my Lightroom: [...]

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Creative Page Layouts in Lightroom’s Book Module

Here's an idea for a cool Book photo layout in Lightroom -- choose a multi-photo page layout, and use different parts of the same photo in each cell! Select your page by clicking on it, click on the downward triangle and choose a multi-photo layout: Drag your single photo from the Filmstrip up into each of [...]

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Lightroom Book Module Tutorial: Basic Skills

I haven't written many tutorials about Lightroom Book module on this blog, so I thought I'd share a video tutorial on some basic  skills: swapping and replacing photos,  usage badges,  adding more photos to your book collection, removing photos,  selecting and moving one or more pages, adding and removing pages, zooming a photo to fill, and [...]

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An Easier Way to Get Your Color in Lightroom

You are designing a slideshow, and you want the background color to be a particular color from one of your images.  Or, you are designing a web gallery, and you want the background color to be the color on your website, or some other cool color you have found.  The question is, how do you find [...]