How to Read and Use the Histogram in Lightroom and in Your Camera

Do you know what the histogram is and are you using it in-camera when you shoot and in Lightroom as you edit images?  The histogram is a graph that gives you lots of information about your exposure and tones in your image, and I recommend learning about it and using it both in-camera and in [...]

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What’s New in Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019) – Texture and More

Adobe released Lightroom Classic (CC) version 8.3 today. In addition to bug fixes and new lens profiles, there are two new features - Texture for enhancing or smoothing out detail and Flat Field Correction for correcting for lens shading. Updates for Lightroom (CC) Desktop, iOS and Android were also released - see my Lightroom CC [...]

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Change Default Settings in Lightroom’s Brush and Other Local Adjustment Tools

If you've used Lightroom Classic's adjustment brush (or "brush" in the cloud-based Lightroom), you've probably wondered why it starts out with some sliders not at zero and with a particular brush size, feathering, etc.. In this very short video tutorial I'll show you how to set your own default settings in the brush, graduated filter [...]

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Video Tutorial: How to Use Depth Range Mask in Lightroom Classic CC

If your iPhone 7+, 8+, X, Xs, Xs Max or Xr camera is set to capture depth information, now in Lightroom Classic CC v. 8 use Depth Range Mask within the graduated filter, radial filter and adjustment brush to confine your edits based on distance to the camera. For instructions on how to capture images [...]

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