Enhance Raw File Details in Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC

Enhanced Details was made available today in the February releases of Lightroom Classic CC (v. 8.2) and Lightroom CC Desktop (v. 2.2). This new process can potentially improve the quality of very fine detail and reduce artifacts and moire in raw files. It re-renders your raw file using a more sophisticated demosaicing algorithm that is [...]

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Sharpening in Lightroom Part Three: Output Sharpening

In this third article of a three-part series on sharpening in Lightroom, I explain output sharpening.  Here are the other two articles:   Part 1: Overview of the Three Step Sharpening workflow, and Capture Sharpening in Depth Part 2: Creative Sharpening - Sharpening Eyes and Other Local Elements To summarize the first two steps in the [...]

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Understanding Resolution

Two factors determine how big your image will be when displayed -- the size of your image in pixels, and how many pixels are displayed per inch, which is referred to as resolution. Both of the example images below have 6 pixels (3x2):  the first is displayed at  1 pixel per inch, and the second is [...]

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