What's new in August 2021 Lightroom Updates

Adobe today released Lightroom Classic 10.4, cloud-based Lightroom desktop 4.4, and Lightroom Mobile 6.4 for iOS and Android. These small updates include support for new cameras, new lens profiles and bug fixes. For Lightroom Classic, there is also new tether support and one small new collection sets capability.

Owners of my latest Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: The Fundamentals & Beyond  video series: There are two small updates to the series with this Classic 10.4 release. Updates are available in the Members area.

Owners of my latest  Producing Great Output video series: There are no updates to this series with this Classic 10.4 update.

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When and How to Update

When to Update:

I don’t have any indication that things won’t go smoothly with these small updates. That said, if you’re not urgently in need of the latest bug fixes or features, it couldn’t hurt to wait a week or two to see if others experience issues, unless you need to update urgently to hopefully resolve bugs introduced in the last release(s). If you install the update and then encounter bugs that you can’t live with, you can use the Creative Cloud app to revert to the previous version.

If I hear of serious widespread issues with these releases I will post them here in this section – please check here rather than emailing me.

That said, I don’t plan to report all bugs here –click here to check for bug reports and to report bugs or issues that you encounter.

Adobe Creative Cloud LogoIf you had previously chosen to auto-update, open Lightroom Classic and go to Help>System Info to verify that you are now using 10.4. If not, or if you hadn’t chosen to auto-update, go to Help>Update, and the Creative Cloud app will open. Click on Update next to Lightroom Classic. If the update is not listed in the CC app then go to Help>Check for Updates. If it’s still not there, click on the three dots next to Lightroom Classic, choose Other Versions, and see if 10.4 is listed there. Otherwise if it’s the day of release, then try later – it may take 24 hours to propagate worldwide.

This update process is covered in my video tutorial below:

Your operating system must support the update to Classic 10. When updating, Lightroom Classic will upgrade your catalog, you’ll need to get your dock/taskbar icons squared away and clean up old files. I recommend watching my video tutorial below on this:

If you previously were prompted to agree to auto-update Lightroom and if you agreed, then when you open Lightroom for the first time after the update is available, go to Help>System Info to verify that you are now using version 4.4. Otherwise to update to 4.4 go to Help>Updates, and in the Creative Cloud app, on the Updates tab click on Update next to Lightroom (cloud-based photo service with the “Lr” icon; not Lightroom Classic with the “LrC” icon.)

Find the Lightroom app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and tap on Update.

New Cameras Now Supported

Lightroom Classic and the entire Lightroom ecosystem now support the following new cameras:

  • Apple iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation)
  • Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation)
  • Nikon Z FC
  • Parrot Anafi2 drone

Click here for a list of all cameras supported by each version of Lightroom (and Camera Raw).

New Lens Profiles

These new lens profiles are available in Lightroom Classic and throughout the Lightroom ecosystem:

  • Apple iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation) back camera 3mm f/1.8 (DNG+JPEG+HEIC)
  • Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation) back camera 3mm f/1.8 (DNG+JPEG+HEIC)
  • Canon RF 400mm F2.8L IS USM
  • Canon RF 600mm F4L IS USM
  • Parrot ANAFI Ai (wide and rect) (DNG)
  • Parrot ANAFI Ai (wide) (JPEG)
  • Samyang AF 35mm F1.8 FE

Lightroom Classic Enhancements

Tether Support for Additional Cameras

Tethered Capture with Live View support has been added to Lightroom Classic for the Nikon D750 and the Nikon D610. Adobe has also fixed some crashes that would occur when using Tethered Capture.

Click here to see a list of all cameras supported for tethered capture.

Duplicating a Collection Set

  • Now when you right-click on a collection set and choose Duplicate Collection Set, the contents of the collection set (collections, nested collection sets) will be duplicated along with the collection set.