Lightroom Updates December 2020

Adobe has released Lightroom Classic 10.1, cloud-based Lightroom desktop 4.1, and Lightroom Mobile 6.1 for iOS and Android. These small updates include support for new cameras, new lens profiles and bug fixes. (There are MANY bug fixes for Lightroom Classic, including for customer-reported crashes). There are also a few very small feature enhancements.

Learn Lightroom with Laura ShoeOwners of my latest Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series (within your initial period of free updates or having renewed): the Member area of this site has been updated for these changes, and the downloads are now available (for the full up-to-date series an for the smaller update download).  There is a new video on how to update from Lightroom Classic 10.0 to 10.1  and a small update to the More Zoom Tools and Tips video.

Learn Lightroom with Laura ShoeNot yet an owner of this Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced learner, you’ll be amazed at how much you learn! The series is now up-to-date through Lightroom Classic 10.1. Download it and get started today!

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When and How to Update

When to Update:

I don’t have any indication that things won’t go smoothly with these small updates. That said, it couldn’t hurt to wait a week or two to see if others experience issues, unless you need to update urgently to hopefully resolve bugs introduced in the last release(s). If you install the update and then encounter bugs that you can’t live with, you can use the Creative Cloud app to revert to the previous version.

NOTE for those using custom monitor profiles on Mac: According to Victoria Bampton, the interface performance issues introduced in Classic 10.0 have not been fixed in this 10.1 update – so you may want to stay with 9.4 for now. She advices that alternatively, you could set your monitor profile to sRGB if you are primarily doing Library and output module work.)


If I hear of serious issues with this release I will post them here in this section – please check here rather than emailing me. 

Click here to check for bug reports and to report bugs or issues that you encounter.