Where did my Lightroom panel / tool / module go?I get a fair number of emails from frantic users who have lost some critical part of the Lightroom interface. In this video I show you how to find missing panels, tools, and more.  Watch the video to learn not only how to find what you have lost, but also how to hide what you don’t need.

For best quality, after hitting Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right of the video and choose 720/HD or the highest setting available.

For those of you who need to just get to what you are looking for, below is what I cover and where you can find it in the video:

Find your missing Lightroom:

  • module (0:30)
  • panel (0:50) – the Basic panel is most common – white balance, exposure, etc
  • panel strip / filmstrip (1:30)
  • toolbar (1:52)
  • library filter bar (2:15)
  • tool in toolbar (2:43)
  • hidden settings in panel (3:06)
  • grid view photo information (3:42)
  • loupe view photo information (4:18)
  • program close/minimize/maximize buttons (4:55)
  • program menu bar (4:55)
  • Lightroom 4 & 5 Basic panel tone controls (highlights, shadows, whites, blacks) (5:43)
  • tone curve sliders or point curve (6:49)

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