Learn to Create Beautiful Photo Output in Lightroom

Now Up-to-Date through Lightroom Classic 9.3

Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic: Producing Great Output

A Workshop on Video with Laura Shoe

Version 8

Lightroom 5, 6, Classic CC: Producing Great Output V. 8

Produce professional-quality prints, photo books and e-books, slideshows and web galleries with Lightroom!

  • For Lightroom Classic (AKA Classic CC; updated through Classic 9.3) and for Lightroom 5, 6 and CC 2015.

  • Over 13 hours of training on 59 videos – keep them forever (no subscription)

  • Available on DVD or by download (no internet access then required )

  • One year of free updates!

  • Assumes basic experience with Lightroom (Start with my Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond series.)

  • Try it RISK FREE with my 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

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“Laura’s video training has to be the best and easiest way to master Lightroom. It’s superb…perfect for both beginners and intermediate level Lightroom users and will impress advanced users as well.

Photosource International

Laura Shoe has taught for Adobe, creativeLIVE, Rocky Mountain School of Photography and other organizations and has been making video tutorials for over 10 years. From her years of teaching experience she anticipates where students get stuck, and with a clear and concise presentation style, guides you through the complexities with ease.

Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop Lightroom
Adobe Community Professional

What You’ll Learn

After learning how to prepare for your output project, you’ll learn everything there is to know about creating output with Lightroom’s Book, Print, Slideshow and Web modules, as well critical output concepts that every photographer should understand. Click on the tabs below to read more about what you’ll learn:


The Book Module (3 hours 40 minutes)

  • Create beautiful photo books that you can upload to Blurb.com to have printed.

  • Create PDF e-books to put on your mobile devices and to share electronically with people.

  • Create JPEG files of your page designs – use any time you want nicely formatted photos and/or text on a page!


  • Available Book Options
  • Workflow and Preferences
  • Getting Started
  • Saving Your Book Work
  • Basic Layout Skills
  • Changing Page Layouts
  • Lightroom Classic Freeform Layouts and Photo Borders
  • Basics of Adding Text
  • More Text Skills
  • Adding Image and Graphic Page Backgrounds
  • Designing Beautiful Covers
  • Using Auto Layout Presets to Save Time and Improve Consistency
  • Tips for Reviewing Your Book before Having It Printed
  • Uploading or Exporting Your Book
  • Reusing Your Book Designs with Other Photos
Lightroom Library Module

The Print Module (2 hours 45 minutes)

Together with the Output Concepts section of this course, this is a full course in pro-level printing!

  • Use the Print module to create single-photo or multi-photo designs.

  • Print to your own photo printer with professional-quality results.

  • Save your designs as JPEG files to have someone else print them or to share them electronically.


  • Print Module Overview
  • Saving Your Work: Print Collections
  • Saving Your Design to Use with Other Photos: Templates
  • Setting Output Size and Destination
  • Making Contact Sheets
  • Triptychs and More; Adding Text
  • Single Photo Layouts
  • Picture Package – Printing Multiple Sizes of the Same Photo
  • Creating Free-Form Designs/Collages with Custom Package
  • The Print Job Panel – Setting Resolution, Profile, and More
  • Printer Settings
  • Thirteen Keys to Printing Success (What Can Go Wrong and What to Do)
Lightroom Library Module

The Slideshow Module (2 hours)

  • Create slideshows with text and music.

  • Play them in Lightroom or export videos and PDFs to share online.


  • Overview; Previewing and Playing Your Slideshow
  • Set Timing, Pan and Zoom, Music, Other Playback Options
  • Setting Slide Background Options, Photo Layout and Borders
  • Adding Text to Your Slides – Identity Plate, Watermarks and More
  • Adding Text to Your Slides, Part 2 – Titles, Captions, and More Custom Text
  • Adding Introductory, Ending and Section Title Slides
  • Saving Your Work
  • Exporting Videos and PDFs of Your Slideshows
Lightroom Library Module

The Web Module (1 hours 33 minutes)

  • Design web galleries showcasing your work and upload them to your website or other webspace.

  • Discover where you may have personal webspace to use that you didn’t know about.


  • Who Can Use the Web Module, For What
  • Introduction to Working with the Web Module
  • Perfecting the Different Types of Designs Available (4 videos for Lightroom 5, 3 videos for 6, CC 2015, Classic CC)
  • Image Info and Output Settings Panels
  • Exporting and Uploading Your Gallery
  • Saving Your Work
Lightroom Library Module
Output Concepts

Output Concepts (2 hours 35 minutes)

  • Master output concepts that are critical to getting great quality output and that I think every photographer should understand!


  • Introduction to Color Management – Why Your Output May Not Match What You See in Lightroom, and What You Can Do About It
  • Calibrating Your Monitor
  • Printer Profiles
  • Color Spaces (sRGB, Adobe RGB, etc.) and Previewing Your Output with Soft Proofing
  • Output Proportions – Why You Can’t Get that 8×10 without Cropping; Where to Crop
  • Understanding and Setting Size and Resolution for Printing (How Large Can I Print My Photo?)
  • Understanding and Setting Size and Resolution for Screen-Based Output
  • The JPEG Quality Setting and Compression
  • Output Sharpening

What You Get