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Beginners: Getting Started with the Cloud-Based Lightroom CC2019-01-30T21:56:37-08:00

Getting Started with the Cloud-Based Lightroom CC

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The new cloud-based Lightroom CC application that automatically stores all your images in the cloud was introduced in October, 2017. It has fewer features, but is easier to use than what is now called Lightroom Classic CC (older versions were Lightroom 1-6, CC 2015). If you’re confused about which you have, go to Help>System Info. If it says Lightroom CC 1.x or 2.x, where x is any number, you have this new application. If it says anything else (and you have Library, Develop, Map, Book, Print and other modules along the top right of the program), you have the “other” feature-rich application – click here to go to my Getting Started page for that application.

Lightroom CC Logo

For those using this new Lightroom CC, I don’t yet have comprehensive video training for you, but here are some blog posts to get you started. On my blog you’ll also find articles and videos covering the new features added to Lightroom CC over time – in the menu bar above, click on Blog>All Articles and Tutorials.

A Huge Note of Caution

Adobe unfortunately took the “Lightroom CC” name from the “other” version of Lightroom that has been around for 10+ years and gave it to your new cloud-based Lightroom application – creating a huge amount of continuing confusion. As a result of this, when using resources on this website or any website, book or other source, if it refers to “Lightroom CC”, check the date of publication. If it was before October 17, 2017, it does NOT refer to your version of Lightroom and most likely covers features or techniques that don’t apply to your version. If it has a Lightroom logo on it, make sure that it is this one with cyan edges and rounded corners:

Lightroom CC Logo