Video Tutorial: Batch Exports with Multiple Presets

With Lightroom Classic 9.0, we can now, for any number of images selected, export multiple file types at once - for example, a full-size JPEG for printing and a small JPEG for online sharing. Unfortunately the addition of this new functionality to the Export dialog also makes simple exports more confusing. In the video tutorial below [...]

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Exporting in Lightroom: How to Protect Your Privacy When Sharing Photos

Files that you export from Lightroom to share with people contain a lot of information, called metadata, that can be read by others using various applications. This can include where and when you shot the photo, who's in the photo, copyright and contact information, keywords, stars, flags, and color labels; titles, captions, and other [...]

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Exporting in Lightroom: Export Location Settings

In the first article of this series on exporting from Lightroom, I discussed what exporting is, and when you should and shouldn't export. In short, you'll click on the Export button to export a copy of your selected photo(s) pretty much any time you want to share them with the outside world. Now I'll start discussing the [...]

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Exporting in Lightroom: When to Export and When Not to Export

This is my first article in what will be a several part series on Lightroom's Export function. This article will focus on what exporting is for and when you should export. Future ones will go into the settings. Background: Lightroom's Non-Destructive Approach to Image Editing Lightroom works non-destructively, meaning that it never touches your original raw [...]

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Lightroom 4 Sales on Now!

Amazon U.S. currently has Lightroom 4 on sale for $40 off ($109.99). I do not know how long this will last. Adobe has Lightroom 4 on sale for $30 off through May 11, 2013 in the Adobe store with coupon code SPRING 30. (At the moment the discount code is not working online, but from your [...]

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Sharpening in Lightroom Part Three: Output Sharpening

In this third article of a three-part series on sharpening in Lightroom, I explain output sharpening.  Here are the other two articles:   Part 1: Overview of the Three Step Sharpening workflow, and Capture Sharpening in Depth Part 2: Creative Sharpening - Sharpening Eyes and Other Local Elements To summarize the first two steps in the [...]

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