Welcome to my website!

I jumped off the corporate ladder more than a decade ago to do what I love – photographing, and teaching photographers how to use photo-editing software (Lightroom primarily). I love the challenge of making seemingly-complex topics easy to understand, and I derive tremendous satisfaction from helping folks like you get to the point where you can enjoy managing, editing and creating output with your photos as much as you enjoy photographing.

I have taught my own workshops, as well as workshops for creativeLIVE, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Photographic Center Northwest and other groups. Adobe has also hired me to create video tutorials for their website. I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom and an Adobe Community Professional.

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What Students Say

“Laura is a GREAT teacher! Her explanations are clear and concise. She puts things into a clear perspective. It’s often difficult to put complex ideas into a simple format; however, Laura does this very well! I was so impressed with her teaching I drove 1400+ miles (one way) to attend one of her workshops!” Trish P.

“Laura was fantastic. With her excellent teaching skills she helped me understand how to streamline my workflow, improve the quality of my photographs, and become much more organized with my images and backups. I was intimidated by post-processing and wasted a lot of time struggling with things I didn’t understand. Now I am much more comfortable.” Georgia J.

“I have had a lot of education in my career as a surgeon. Laura is as excellent an instructor as I have ever had.”  Jim W.

“This is the first time I’ve ever enjoyed attending a digital workshop. Laura made this fun and interesting. Laura is an excellent teacher. She is patient, easy to understand, well organized and knows her subject.”  Dee W.

“This [Lightroom Fundamentals] class was fabulous. I had little knowledge of Lightroom prior to this weekend. I am leaving here feeling confident in my ability to streamline my workflow and function within Lightroom. I cannot thank you enough. Your teaching style is very simple and straightforward. You make Lightroom so easy to understand, at the perfect pace.”  Lacey Y.

“Class was excellent and Laura’s a fantastic teacher. I would definitely take a class by her again!”  Tim T.

“Loved her calmness and matter of fact approach. Great knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom, excellent communication skills. Explains steps and the process in a way that is easy to understand and apply, and able to solve problems well.”  Steve W.

“Very good teacher. Her patience with people is amazing. These classes were way beyond what I expected. She knows her stuff!”   Bruce D.

“Laura Shoe was an amazing instructor. She made everything seem much easier to do than I previously thought, and she actually helped me enjoy Photoshop for the first time.”  Kearie M.