Adobe Releases Lightroom Mobile 2.1 for iPad and iPhone

Lightroom mobile 2.1 for iPhone and iPad users is now available. Here’s are the major features included in the update: The point curve has been added to the Adjust section, for precise control over brightness, darkness, and color cast of ranges of tones in your photos. Split toning has been added to the Adjust section, to add color casts to your black and white and color photos. A set of five live presets have been added to the camera.  They are non-destructive, so you can adjust or remove them after shooting, if you wish. Available for iPhone 5s and later, and iPad Air and later. iPad Pro support: native resolution iOS9 iPad multitasking features: slide over and split view enabled 3D Touch support (iPhone 6s/6s Plus […more]


Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.3 with Restored “Classic” Import Experience

Adobe this morning released Lightroom 6.3 (and CC 2015.3 for subscribers – referred to as 6.3 in this article). In addition to the typical new camera support, lens profiles, tethering support and bug fixes, Lightroom 6.3 has reverted to the import dialog that we had up through Lightroom 6.1.1.  In 6.2 released October 5, Adobe introduced a redesigned import process, but the uproar over removed features and stability issues led Adobe to reverse course. While we all would have preferred to not have gone through the tumultuous 6.2 experience, I appreciate that Adobe listened to user feedback, issued an apology, and quickly changed course. If you need to learn how to use this reintroduced import dialog, watch my quick basic video […more]


Adobe Product Manager Apologizes for 6.2 / CC 2015.2 Release

In a post on the Adobe Lightroom Journal blog, Tom Hogarty, Senior Product Manager for photography products, apologized on Friday for the quality of Monday’s Lightroom 6.2 and CC 2015.2 releases. He acknowledges first that it was a mistake to ship the product before resolving the crash bug. In terms of why they made the Import redesign choices they did, he indicated, “The import experience in Lightroom is daunting.  It’s a step that every customer must successfully take in order to use the product and overwhelming customers with every option in a single screen was not a tenable path forward.  We made decisions on sensible defaults and placed many of the controls behind a settings panel.  At the same time we removed […more]


Adobe Releases Lightroom Update to Address Crashes and Performance Issues

Adobe today released an update to address crashes and performance issues in the 6.2 and CC 2015.2 releases of this past Monday.  The update is labeled 6.2.1 and CC 2015.2.1. I believe that this release has a lot of promise to address both the crashes (mostly on Mac) and the performance lags resulting from how Lightroom was scanning your hard drive for potential folders to show on the new “Add Photos” screen. While I withdraw my blanket warning to not update,  I’d still say that it can’t hurt to wait and see how it goes for other users. UPDATE 10/12/15: While the number of complaints has decreased substantially with this update, some users are still experiencing stability issues. Unless you need the […more]


How to Roll Back to Lightroom 6.1.1 or CC 2015.1

For those users who missed my suggestion yesterday to not update to Lightroom 6.2 / CC 2015.2 or who decided to risk it, and  have been experiencing crashes, here are my suggestions: UPDATE 10/9/15: a 6.2.1 / CC 2015.2.1 update has been released to address crash issue. Update to this, unless you are unhappy with the Import features removed, in which case you can jump to (3) below. Try resetting Preferences as you open Lightroom: hold down the Shift and Alt/Opt keys as you open Lightroom, and when the dialog comes up, click on Reset Preferences. When Lightroom opens, in the top menu bar, go to Lightroom (Mac) or Edit (PC) > Preferences, and on the General tab, uncheck “Show Add […more]


Adobe Releases Lightroom CC 2015.2 & Lightroom 6.2 with Redesigned Import Process

Coinciding with Adobe’s Max marketing meeting, Adobe this morning announced the immediate availability of updates to both the standalone Lightroom 6 and to the CC subscription. Changes that are available in both 6 and CC include: a redesigned streamlined import process, intended to make importing more straightforward for newer users improved blending and alignment of panorama and HDR merges support for new cameras tether support for the Leica M Monochrome new lens profiles bug fixes In addition, for CC subscribers only, Dehaze is now available as a local adjustment, in the adjustment brush, graduated filter, and radial filter tools. Making the Decision on Whether  / When to Update Before I get into details of the release, while I still have your full attention: […more]

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