Lightroom 6 soon won't be for saleUpdate 2020: This is an old article. Lightroom 6 is no longer for sale from authorized dealers.

Lightroom 6 was the last perpetual version of Lightroom offered before Adobe went subscription-only with Lightroom Classic CC. Up until recently Adobe continued to sell Lightroom 6 – but here’s a recent statement from Jeff Tranberry of Adobe on its current availability:

“Lightroom 6 is no longer available for sale on The application stopped receiving camera support and bug fixes at the end of 2017.”

Lightroom 6 is still for sale on Amazon though, at least in the U.S. – but I’m guessing that this will be available there for a very limited time, so if you’re interested in it, now’s the time to purchase it. (It may also be available from other retailers.) UPDATE March 12, 2019: Adobe is no longer selling it on Amazon, but Adorama still is. Lightroom 6 is also still available on

That said, for most of you I don’t recommend purchasing Lightroom 6. As Jeff said, it received its final update in December, 2017. This means that if/when Windows and Mac operating system updates break Lightroom 6 features, they won’t be fixed. The Map module already doesn’t work (and never will again), since it relies on Google Maps and Google made a change that broke it. In addition, you can’t import raw files from new cameras released since 2017 directly into Lightroom 6 – this part isn’t the end of the world though, since you can use Adobe’s free DNG Converter to convert the raw files to Adobe’s DNG raw file format and then you can import them into Lightroom 6, but it adds another step to your workflow.

Nevertheless, if you are opposed to subscribing to Lightroom Classic CC (as part of the Photography Plan subscription) and you’re using Lightroom 5 or an earlier version, purchasing Lightroom 6 can be a way to gain some new features and possibly postpone your inevitable search for a non-Adobe alternative to Lightroom.

If you purchase Lightroom 6 and download it, be sure to keep and back up the downloaded installation file – even after installing the application – so that if you ever need to uninstall and reinstall or move to a new computer, you’ll be able to install it again.

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