Adobe introduced a BRAND NEW cloud-based photography solution today at MAX – and it’s called “Lightroom CC”. If you thought there already was a “Lightroom CC” program, you’d be correct – that one has been renamed “Lightroom Classic”. (UPDATE March 2019: “Lightroom CC” has now been renamed “Lightroom”.)

Lightroom CC is:

  • A complete ecosystem, not just a desktop application – it consists of Lightroom CC Desktop, Lightroom CC iOS, Lightroom CC Android, and Lightroom CC Web.  Automatically have all your photos with you everywhere you go (mobile, web, and up to two computers) and have all the work you do in any location sync back to everywhere else.
  • Easier to use than Lightroom Classic, with its hands-off cloud-based file and catalog system.
  • A powerful non-destructive editor for raw files (and other file types). Right now Lightroom CC has most of the tools that Lightroom Classic has for editing photos (one at a time), and it will get those that are missing.

Lightroom CC is not intended to be a “Lightroom Lite” or “Lightroom Elements” program – instead it’s positioned as a more modern, cloud-based solution.

It’s currently missing many features that Classic has, so this may not be the time for most of you to switch to Lightroom CC.

Watch my video below for an introduction to Lightroom CC and then read the articles I link to at the bottom of this post.

For best quality, after hitting Play click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

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