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//What’s New in Lightroom Classic 7.0.1?

What’s New in Lightroom Classic 7.0.1?

Lightroom Classic Update 7.0.1Adobe this morning released a small update to Lightroom Classic 7 (the subscription only newest version of the Lightroom program we have been using for the past 10 years, with Library, Develop, Map, and other modules.)

The update first fixes crashes in Mac’s High Sierra upon import from external devices (SD cards/iPhone, etc.).

The update also fixes an issue that perpetual Lightroom customers faced in the Creative Cloud application, where by default installing Lightroom Classic uninstalled your old version of Lightroom. Many Lightroom 6 perpetual-license owners who installed Classic to check it out (or because they didn’t know that this would start a trial period on a subscription) were dismayed to find their Lightroom 6 application gone. Along with the fix, Adobe issued an apology today for this issue.

Note that if you haven’t yet installed Classic and you want the installation of Lightroom Classic to uninstall your old version, then once you click on Update next to Lightroom Classic CC in your Creative Cloud application, click on Advanced Options and check “Remove old versions”:

To install the Lightroom Classic 7.0.1 update, in your Creative Cloud app on the Apps tab, click on Update next to Lightroom Classic CC:



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