How to Upgrade to Lightroom Classic 7Lightroom Classic 7.0 is here! Upgrading is usually a quick and smooth process, but it helps if you’re prepared for it not to be. Watch my video tutorial below for complete instructions on how to upgrade to Lightroom Classic 7, as well as how to rename your catalog, and what to delete and uninstall.

For best quality, after hitting Play click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right of the video and choose 720/HD.

Video Contents

00:23 Should I clean up Lightroom before or after upgrading?
00:42 Understand where your previous version Lightroom catalog is and what the file name is
01:29 Download and install the Creative Cloud application
02:19 Install Lightroom Classic 7
03:03 “Lightroom Catalog was not found” message
04:05 If Lightroom Classic 7 is empty when it opens (or if only a subset of your files are there)
04:47 Lightroom Catalog Upgrade dialog
05:37 What you should see after opening it
05:56 Process version (lightning bolt in histogram panel)
07:26 Rename your catalog and previews files
08:43 Delete old catalogs
09:30 Uninstall the old program / which program is which (Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, etc)
10:38 Mac: adding the program to your dock