Lightroom Quick Tip of the Week: Borrowing a Color from Your Photograph

Anywhere you see a color selection square in Lightroom, such as for page background color in the Print module, you can choose a color not only from the color picker that comes up when you click on it, but also a color from one of your photos. How?  Simply click in the main color selection area (shown above where the eyedropper is), hold the mouse button down, and drag out to your photo, either in the main window or down in the filmstrip. You can actually select a color from anywhere on your monitor, so if you want a color that is on a web page, for example, position it next to Lightroom, then just click, hold and drag out […more]


A Most Useful Lightroom Shortcut for Viewing Images Full Screen

UPDATE: The shortcut in Lightroom 6 and CC 2015 is just F. While I know a fair amount about Lightroom, I am always picking up more from my fellow bloggers.  Here’s a quick but useful shortcut  from Sean McCormack over at  To see your image and nothing but your image, type Shift-Ctl-F on the PC, or Shift-Cmd-F on the Mac.  This will hide the surrounding panels, menu bars, tool bars and system task bars, and your image will be displayed as close to full-screen-size as possible .  While in this view, you can use your left and right arrow keys to scroll to other images.  This shortcut works in all modules, and your other module shortcut keys will continue […more]


An Easier Way to Get Your Color in Lightroom

You are designing a slideshow, and you want the background color to be a particular color from one of your images.  Or, you are designing a web gallery, and you want the background color to be the color on your website, or some other cool color you have found.  The question is, how do you find out what that color is, and tell Lightroom to use it?   A while back I wrote a post on using Photoshop to identify the color, and then specifying this color in Lightroom.   It turns out though, that there is an easier way — you can do it all within Lightroom.  This is why I love Lightroom more every day — it just continues to […more]

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