Lightroom Quick Tip: Finding Your Missing Panel

About once a week I get an email from a Lightroom user who has lost a panel … most panels can go missing, but in my experience people seem to lose their Catalog panel in the Library module more than any other. To recover your missing panel, right-click (Ctl-click on a Mac) on the name of an existing panel in the same strip, and choose the panel you are missing, from the drop-down that appears. In this example, my Catalog panel is missing. I right-clicked on Folders to get the menu. I would then select Catalog, and the panel would appear.   Note that there are some panels that are not optional, and therefore you cannot right-click on them to […more]


Video: Overview of Lightroom’s Output Modules – Book, Slideshow, Web and Print

In this video tutorial, I give you an overview of Lightroom’s output modules, to give you an idea of what you can do with each. This is video #2 in my 12 hour series of 55 videos, Lightroom 4: Producing Great Output (A Workshop on Video) , available on DVD or by download. The series goes into detail on how to use each of the output modules, and also covers critical output concepts, such as monitor calibration and other color management topics, size and resolution, output sharpening, and much more. For higher quality, after you click on the Play button, click on the sprocket wheel symbol in the bottom right and choose 720 HD. Read more about Producing Great Output […more]


Saving Your Lightroom Slideshow – And How You Still Could Lose Your Work

You have pulled together your photos and designed the slideshow using the Slideshow module, and it looks fabulous!  Short of exporting it to a PDF or MP4 movie, how do you save it so you can be sure it will be there any time you visit the Slideshow module, and so you can continue to revise it? Saving a template will save your design or layout, but it does not store the photos with it.  Creating a collection in the Library module stores a group of photos, but not the slideshow design.  The solution to storing the design with the photos is to create a special kind of collection, only available to you in the Slideshow module.


Add Titles, Captions and Other Photo-Specific Text to Your Lightroom Slideshows

In previous posts this past week I have explained how to add beginning and ending title slides to your Lightroom slide show, and how to add section title slides.  In this post I will explain how to add photo-specific titles and other information to your photo slides. To add titles (or captions), you first have to type them into your photo’s metadata.  In the Library module, select your photo, then on the right side, scroll down to the Metadata panel and type in a Title, and hit Enter/Return.  Do this for each of the photos you plan to use in your slideshow. In the Slideshow module, in the toolbar below the slide, click on the ABC button, and then change […more]


Add Title Slides in between Sections in Your Lightroom Slide Shows

As I wrote in my last post, you can add beginning and ending title slides to your Lightroom slideshows by using the Intro Screen and Ending Screens in the Titles panel.    But what if your slideshow has different sections, and you want a title slide introducing each section? It’s not as straightforward as perhaps it could be, but  as long as you are o.k. with a white or black background for these slides, it can all be done in Lightroom. Here’s how: 1.  Create a virtual copy of any photo in the folder or collection you are going to use for the slideshow. Right-click on the photo, and choose Create Virtual Copy. 2. Turn the virtual copy white or […more]


Adding Title Slides to Your Lightroom Slideshow

By default your Lightroom slideshow doesn’t have title slides — it starts with your first picture and ends with your last.  However, you can use the Titles Panel on the right side of the Slide Show module to add beginning and ending text slides. Here are examples of beginning and ending slides (black borders not included):         Here’s how to make your own:

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