Sharpening in Lightroom Part Three: Output Sharpening

In this third article of a three-part series on sharpening in Lightroom, I explain output sharpening.  Here are the other two articles:   Part 1: Overview of the Three Step Sharpening workflow, and Capture Sharpening in Depth Part 2: Creative Sharpening – Sharpening Eyes and Other Local Elements To summarize the first two steps in the sharpening workflow, the first step, capture sharpening, is performed on your full size image in the Develop module, and is designed to cut through the haze that a digital capture produces, and make edges in your photos look crisper. Creative sharpening is then sometimes done to enhance or  bring focus to local elements in your photo. Output Sharpening — What It’s For When you […more]


Quick Tip: Displaying Photo Resolution in the Lightroom 4 Book Module

When you click in a photo in the Book Module, a Zoom slider appears, which shows you how far, in percent, you are zoomed in on the photo, and allows you to zoom in more or less.  This slider is for enlarging the photo in the cell on your Book page, not for zooming in to evaluate detail in the photo. (The latter is done with the Preview panel.) If you zoom in too far, you’ll get an exclamation point in the top right corner: If you click on one of these exclamation points, you’ll get this warning, indicating that you have enlarged the photo too much and may not have enough pixels per inch (ppi) to get a good […more]


Lightroom Quick Tip: Handy Book Module Shortcuts

When designing a book in Lightroom, I move between multi-page, spread and page view a lot. There are icons in the toolbar to select these:       However, knowing some handy shortcuts speeds up my work a lot. Ctl/Cmd E: Multi-Page View Ctl/Cmd R: Spread View Ctl/Cmd T: Page View How to remember these? They are next to each other on the keyboard.  Still too much to remember? Here’s an alternative, which is my favorite way to jump from one to another: Ctl/Cmd + and Ctl/Cmd –  move you further and further in or out.  (Note that you have to have a page selected.) When you are on Page View, Ctl/Cmd + zooms you in to 4:1 on the […more]

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