Working with History and Viewing Before & After in Lightroom

In this sample video tutorial from my Lightroom 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series, I show you all the different ways to view Before and After in Lightroom: Working with the History panel Using the “\” key Toggling on and off specific panel and tool work The Y/Y button I also show you how to change the definition of “Before” so you can compare any previous step to your current work. For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.(For even better quality, consider purchasing the full series.) Check out Lightroom 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond for more in-depth expert Lightroom training! Also available in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom [...more]


Adobe Releases Lightroom 5.5 with iPhone Mobile App

Today Adobe released Lightroom 5.5 along with Lightroom mobile for the iPhone. Along with the usual new camera support, new lens profiles, and bug fixes, the free Lightroom 5.5 update includes support for syncing with the new iPhone app, and a few other changes targeted at Lightroom mobile and Creative Cloud subscribers. Watch my video below to see the changes in action, or read on below the video for details. Creative Cloud subscribers: update through the CC app. Otherwise, to install the free update, if Lightroom doesn’t prompt you to update, go to Help>Check for Updates, download the file, then double-click on it to run the installation wizard. If Check for Updates doesn’t find the update, try again later or download [...more]


Why Can’t I Move Photos from Lightroom’s Catalog Panel?

I get this question frequently, or more specifically,  how to move photos from Previous Import or All Photographs, which are entries in the Catalog panel.  Your photos actually never reside in the Catalog panel – they reside instead in folders, which are displayed in the Folders panel. Therefore it is not meaningful to “move photos from the Catalog panel.” The Catalog panel simply has shortcuts to various groups of these same photos, for your convenience: All Photographs: every photo in your Lightroom catalog (in every folder) Current or Previous Import: photos you last imported Quick Collection: a temporary collection of photos Other entries: based on tasks that you have performed, such as exporting photos into a new catalog, importing from [...more]


Touching Up Teeth with Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush and Spot Removal Tool

In this video tutorial I show you how to easily brighten, whiten, and fix flaws in teeth, using Lightroom’s adjustment brush and spot removal tool. For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel. in the bottom right and choose 720/HD. Related Video Tutorial: Using Lightroom’s Spot Removal Tool / Advanced Healing Brush


Not Sure All Your Photos Are in Lightroom? Have Lightroom Check for You!

If you have a folder in Lightroom such as your Pictures folder, but you are not sure that all of the photos in that folder and its subfolders have been imported into Lightroom, you can have Lightroom check for you. I revive this post every couple years because I think it is a very handy one for everyone to know, with many uses: You haven’t been that organized and you want to make sure all your photos are in Lightroom You regularly add, for example, iPhone photos or scanned photos to a folder and want to bring recent additions into Lightroom. You have been shooting raw+JPEG, and have been importing only the raw files, but now want to import the [...more]


Using Collections in Your Lightroom Desktop / Mobile Workflow

As I mentioned in my video introducing Lightroom 5.4 and Lightroom mobile for the iPad, we can sync collections of photos to our iPad, not folders. For those of you not that familiar with collections, I have created this video tutorial to show you how you can create a collection to sync a shoot of photos to your iPad. I also show that once you have done your iPad work (assigning pick and reject flags, and perhaps preliminary Develop work) and the work has synced back to Lightroom desktop, you can delete the collection (if you no longer want to see it on your iPad). For best quality, hit Play, then click on the Youtube sprocket wheel in the bottom [...more]

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