Do you have a mess in Lightroom? If so, you’re not alone. Watch my 80-minute recorded webinar to learn how to clean up your keywords, collections, files and folders, catalogs and duplicate photos.
Topics covered


  • Correct misspellings, consolidate duplicates (“dog”, “dogs”) into one, organize keywords into hierarchies


  • Rename or delete collections, find a collection you’re looking for with the filter, organize collections into collection sets

Files and Folders

  • Reveal your folder structure, move folders, create new subfolders, move photos from one folder to another
  • Why date folders get nested within other date folders
  • Why files and folders go missing (question marks and exclamation points) and how to resolve these issues.


  • Delete old catalogs and catalog backups, merge separate catalogs into one

Duplicate Photos

  • Install and use a plugin to help you identify, sort through and eliminate duplicate photos.

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