For this week’s Lightroom tip, I am resurrecting one from a couple years ago:

Lightroom Navigation Panel

I recommend that you do all of your Lightroom clean up and retouching work zoomed into 1:2 or 1:1 (the latter for larger prints).   You should also review all of your local adjustments at these zoom ratios to make sure that your edges aren’t obvious.  Here’s an easy way to move through your photograph while you are zoomed in so that you don’t miss any of it:


–  Zoom in   (by clicking on 1:1 or 1:2 from the drop-down in the navigator panel, typing Z, or Ctl/Cmd + twice)

– Press  the Home button on your keyboard to move to the top left corner of your photo.

– Hit Page Down on your keyboard to move through the photo one frame at a time.   The first time you do this, watch in the Navigator panel how the rectangle (viewing area) moves:  first down, and then to the right from the top down again.  Page Up takes you in the opposite direction.  End takes you to the bottom right corner.

On a Mac laptop the shortcuts are:

Fn + Left Arrow Key: Home

Fn + Down Arrow Key: Scroll through the image

Fn + Right Arrow Key: bottom right.  (Thanks for this info, Mel!)