“How Do I Save My Lightroom Work?”

For those new to Lightroom, naturally you want to understand how to save your work. You’ll notice that the File menu in the menu bar suspiciously does not have “File Save” and “File Save As …” options. The short answer is that as you work in Lightroom – adding keywords, stars, flags and other metadata; developing your photos; creating collections and more, your work is being saved automatically, so there is no need to do a “save” before you wrap up your session. More on Saving and the Lightroom Catalog It’s worth understanding this in more detail though. First, Lightroom works non-destructively – meaning that it never touches your master photo files. Instead, your Develop work is saved automatically behind […more]


Sharpening in Lightroom Part Three: Output Sharpening

In this third article of a three-part series on sharpening in Lightroom, I explain output sharpening.  Here are the other two articles:   Part 1: Overview of the Three Step Sharpening workflow, and Capture Sharpening in Depth Part 2: Creative Sharpening – Sharpening Eyes and Other Local Elements To summarize the first two steps in the sharpening workflow, the first step, capture sharpening, is performed on your full size image in the Develop module, and is designed to cut through the haze that a digital capture produces, and make edges in your photos look crisper. Creative sharpening is then sometimes done to enhance or  bring focus to local elements in your photo. Output Sharpening — What It’s For When you […more]


Ten Reasons Why Lightroom Users May Want to Buy Photoshop

Update 11/20/2013: Read my updated article, on reasons to subscribe to Photoshop CC. Photoshop CS6 started shipping yesterday, so I anticipate that a lot of photographers not currently using Photoshop are wondering if they should consider it.  I am assuming for the sake of this article that you are already using Lightroom.  (If not, you may want to read this post, which talks about why I think pro’s as well as amateurs who really care about their photography should.) The question here is, do you need Photoshop too? There is certainly much that you can do in Photoshop that you can’t do in Lightroom.  The key questions are, do you need or want to do enough of those things to […more]


10+ Little Lightroom Tips that Can Make a Big Difference

I was flattered when David over at Seven by Five (sevenbyfive.net) asked if I would contribute to his popular blog.  We were thrilled when Adobe featured the article on their Facebook page yesterday.  If you haven’t yet read my 10+ Little Lightroom Tips That Can Make a Big Difference, head on over.   Check out more of his great content, and then come back!


Free PDF of My Favorite Lightroom Shortcuts

I highly recommend to Lightroom users that you learn at least a handful of Lightroom shortcuts.  They can greatly improve the efficiency of your workflow and make using Lightroom more pleasant. In any module you can get a close-to-complete list of shortcuts by going to Help>… Module Shortcuts.    Because this can be kind of overwhelming,  here is a PDF of my favorite shortcuts.  After opening the file, right-click on it and choose Save As, to save it to your computer.


Avoiding Lightroom-Generated Headaches and Heart Attacks

I get emails from around the world  from people in panic-mode over Lightroom-related issues.  Some of these can be easily cured, but sadly, some are fatal.    I do consulting in-person and over the web and phone/Skype, so you can always contact me to help you work through your issues (sorry, yes, that was a blatant plug), but I thought I would recommend some preventative medicine first.  It is a chance for me to pull together some older posts that you might not otherwise come across. Once you understand how Lightroom works you may think some of these are silly, but they are real misconceptions, and many real tears have been shed.  It is understandable, given that Lightroom works differently from other photo programs people […more]

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