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Beginners: Getting Started with Lightroom2019-01-30T22:10:28-08:00

Getting Started with Lightroom 4-6, CC 2015, Classic CC

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This page is for users of the Lightroom application that has modules along the top right – Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Web and Print. If in doubt, go to Help>System Info and check the version – if it’s 6.x (or earlier), CC 2015.x or Classic CC 7.x or 8.x, then you’re in the right place. If yours doesn’t have the modules listed above, and Help>System Info shows Lightroom CC 1.x or 2.x, and the Lightroom logo in yours has cyan edges and rounded colors, refer instead to my Getting Started with the Cloud-Based Lightroom CC page.

On this page are some articles and video tutorials for Lightroom beginners. I have pulled these together from my blog so that you have some free resources available as you get started. I would also highly recommend that you purchase my Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic CC: The Fundamentals & Beyond (v. 8) video series – it is 23 hours of comprehensive training and it assumes no prior experience with Lightroom – I guarantee that it will get you off to a great start (and way beyond) and that it will enable you to avoid painful mistakes that new users often make. The most common feedback I have gotten over the years from people who purchase this is, “I wish I had bought this when I first started using Lightroom!

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