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///Book Recommendation: Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQ

Book Recommendation: Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQ

Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQVictoria Bampton’s Lightroom Missing FAQ book has always been my favorite Lightroom book, and her latest edition, Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQ, is no exception. Victoria is known in the Lightroom community as the Lightroom Queen, and for good reason – she’s one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Lightroom users and authors out there. Victoria also runs a forum that I highly recommend (formerly at, now at, and has written 7 editions of her Lightroom: The Missing FAQ book. Here’s the low-down: When I don’t know an answer to a Lightroom question or issue, I turn to Victoria and her Missing FAQ.

The Missing FAQ is written primarily as answers to commonly-asked Lightroom questions. It’s meant to be a reference book – the resource that you turn to when you have a question or issue.  Over the years though it has also become better as a book to also learn Lightroom from – topics often start with tutorials before drilling down into questions and answers, and there is a  “Fast Track” Table of Contents that weaves in an out of the content to present newer users with focused material to get you started with Lightroom.  The book is very well-written, well-organized, and well-laid out. It’s 666 pages long, with a good system of bookmarks and a very extensive index.

I recommend Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQ for everyone who would like a trusted resource to turn to, and I consider it to be an excellent companion book to my Lightroom 5, 6 and Classic 7: The Fundamentals & Beyond  and Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output video series.  With my videos I can better show you the flow of tasks – you see my cursor go everywhere it needs to as I explain what I’m doing and why, you sometimes see unexpected things happen and we work through together what to do next, and we can go through more examples and situations – but when you’re not using my videos and you get stuck and don’t want to turn to a video, or you have a question on something I don’t cover, you can usually arrive at your answer quickly with Victoria’s book, and you can trust that the answer is correct and helpful.

Lightroom Classic CC: The Missing FAQ is available as a paperback or as an electronic version. You also get:

  • All electronic formats (EPUB, Kindle/Mobi, PDF)
  • Free updates for one year from purchase
  • A premium membership to her site, which includes one year of email support. In my opinion this benefit is worth way  more than the price of the book. I don’t understand how Victoria can find the time to do this, but more power to her!
  • Discounts on Victoria’s other books.

Victoria is hoping to publish in the next couple of months Lightroom CC: Edit Like a Pro. It will cover the new cloud-based Lightroom CC desktop application, as well as Lightroom CC mobile and web. I can’t wait for it to come out, as I know it will be my go-to resource!



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