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There’s lots to play with today on our mobile devices. Adobe today released Lightroom mobile 1.3 for Android, and Lightroom mobile 2.0 for iPhones and iPads. We also  have some new and updated Photoshop apps for iPad and iPhone that are tightly integrated with Lightroom mobile: Photoshop Mix has been updated, and Photoshop Fix and Premiere Clip are being introduced.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

Lightroom mobile 2.0 for iPhone & iPad (download from the Apple App store):
  • Anyone can use Lightroom mobile for free (no CC subscription required) to import camera roll photos and shoot photos in-app, edit them, and share them. Syncing photos and edits between mobile devices, the web, and desktop computers still requires a Creative Cloud subscription. To access the non-subscriber portion, if you have already installed Lightroom mobile, you may need to delete it from your device, then reinstall via the app store. For subscribers wanting the update, just Update through the app store.

lightroom mobile free camera

  • In-app camera, with photos automatically imported as you shoot. Shoots still photos only (no video), has flash, white balance, exposure compensation, leveling, and self-timer options.

lightroom mobile camera

  • Dehaze now available in the adjustments section. Cut through atmospheric haze, or add some for creative effect. Also great for reflection shots!

Lightroom Mobile Dehaze

  • Tune the colors in specific areas of your photos using the Targeted Adjustment tool, a new Color/B&W editing option.
  • Lightroom Photos (All Photos) Collection displays your Camera Roll photos and videos by date, so you can find them faster.
  • One tap to send a collection of photos from Lightroom mobile to Premiere Clip, where you can create a video slideshow synced to the beat of music
  • Send to Photoshop Fix app (Share>Open In> PS Fix) for face-sensitive liquify, spot healing and cloning, smoothing and more retouching tasks.
Lightroom Mobile 1.3 for Android

Sorry, I don’t have screen shots for these.

  • Refine the individual colors in your photos with the new Color / B&W adjustment tool.
  • Precisely control the tone of your photo with the new Tone Curve adjustment tool.
  • Bring out the best in your photos with adjustable vignettes.
  • The new ‘Lightroom Photos’ collection displays your Camera Roll photos and videos by date, so you can find them faster.
  • Crop the perfect photo with a redesigned experience that enables you to quickly adjust, align and auto-straighten.
  • TIFF Filetype Support

To install the update, check Google Play on your device.

Photoshop Fix – New

I haven’t had time to try this one yet, but I am looking forward to it. Use it for non-destructive retouching on your iOS devices. Requires Adobe ID, but not a CC subscription.

  • Open Lightroom mobile photos from within PS Fix (or send Lightroom mobile photos to Fix)
  • Face-aware liquify
  • Content aware spot healing, clone stamp, patch tool

photoshop fix healing liquify

  • Local edits – smooth, sharpen, blur, paint color, lighten and darken
  • All edits saved to Photoshop layered file, synced to Creative Cloud Files on desktop (CC subscribers).
Premiere Clip – New

Use Clip to create video slideshows of your Lightroom photo collections; Adobe ID required.

  • Automatic mode that syncs to beat of Clip music or your music, finish in minutes
  • Edit mode with trimming control; set start point of your soundtrack
  • Photo Motion introduces some panning movement to add more interest to photos
  • Drag on the preview screen to do slide edits


Photoshop Mix Update

Use Photoshop Mix to create photo composites. I’m not clear yet whether this is still CC only, or if only an Adobe ID is required. With this update:

  • Now you can mask and merge more than two photo layers
  • Includes nine blending modes with easy-to-use previews, to blend layers
  • Nearly twice as many image adjustments
  • Layer masks
  • Direct connection to Lightroom mobile via Creative Sync (Open Lightroom mobile photos from within PS Mix, save them back to Lightroom mobile.)
  • iPhone and iPad feature parity

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