As you may know at this point, having the understanding and skills to be able to manage your photos and folders in Lightroom is absolutely critical — the absence of these skills and the consequences that result lead many users to consider giving up on Lightroom. I recommend watching this video instead!

In this video I show you how to reveal your folder structure in the Folders panel, move, rename and delete folders; rearrange, move and delete photos; prevent and resolve those frustrating question marks that occur when you do this work outside of Lightroom; and what can go wrong as you attempt these tasks. Finally, I show you how you can have Lightroom check your hard drive for photos you haven’t yet imported.  This video is recorded with Lightroom 4, but is applicable to Lightroom 2, 3, 5, CC and 6 as well. The video is 26 minutes, so feel free to watch part of it, and come back for the rest – these skills are critical.

Update: This video was recorded with Lightroom 4. Note that where I refer to “question marks on photos”, the Lightroom 5 and CC/6 symbol has changed to an exclamation mark.

This video is just one in a series of 55 from my Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals & Beyond Workshop on Video series – do check it out! Update: Here’s the 5, 6 and CC version.

For higher quality, once you hit the Play button, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD or the highest setting available. (The videos in the series for sale are larger and of much higher quality.)