When designing a book in Lightroom, I move between multi-page, spread and page view a lot. There are icons in the toolbar to select these:

Toolbar View Options

Multi-Page View


Spread View


Page View


However, knowing some handy shortcuts speeds up my work a lot.

Ctl/Cmd E: Multi-Page View

Ctl/Cmd R: Spread View

Ctl/Cmd T: Page View

How to remember these? They are next to each other on the keyboard.  Still too much to remember? Here’s an alternative, which is my favorite way to jump from one to another:

Ctl/Cmd + and Ctl/Cmd –  move you further and further in or out.  (Note that you have to have a page selected.) When you are on Page View, Ctl/Cmd + zooms you in to 4:1 on the page.