In previous posts this past week I have explained how to add beginning and ending title slides to your Lightroom slide show, and how to add section title slides.  In this post I will explain how to add photo-specific titles and other information to your photo slides.

To add titles (or captions), you first have to type them into your photo’s metadata.  In the Library module, select your photo, then on the right side, scroll down to the Metadata panel and type in a Title, and hit Enter/Return.  Do this for each of the photos you plan to use in your slideshow.

entering a title in the metadata panel

In the Slideshow module, in the toolbar below the slide, click on the ABC button, and then change the drop-down to the right of it from Custom Text to Title.


You will now see the text box on your slide.  Click and drag inside of it to move it, and click and drag the corners to resize it.

As you move your text box, you will notice a white square that snaps to various locations on the slide.  This is the anchor.  You can move the anchor by clicking and dragging it.  If you anchor the text to the photo, the text will appear at a set distance from your photo, regardless of what size or shape the photo is.  If you anchor it to the edge of your slide, it will appear a set distance from the edge of the slide.  For photo titles, I generally want them to appear just below the photo, regardless of how tall the photo is, so I have moved the anchor to the base of the photo:


Because the anchor is attached to the photo, the title appears the same distance from the bottom of the photos in both these slides, even though they have different heights:



While the text box is active (i.e. while it has the box around it), you can change the font, color and opacity using the Text Overlays section of the Overlays panel on the right.  If the text isn’t active, click on it first to make it active.


Check the Text Overlays box.  To change the color, click on the color square to the right of Text Overlays.

To view how the titles look on more of your photos, you can Preview or Play the slideshow (bottom right), or you can hit the Previous/Next buttons in the toolbar below your slide to scroll through. 

You can add as many text fields to your slides as you want.  For example, below the title you could display your exposure information.  This is already in your photo’s metadata, so click again on the ABC button, and rather than Title, choose Exposure.  Place and size the box, as before.