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Why Doesn’t My Version of Photoshop or Lightroom Support My Camera?

Adobe DNG Converter for converting camera raw filesAs hard as Adobe works to keep up, when you buy a newly released camera, it may be quite a while before there is a new Lightroom release to support it.  In the meantime, Lightroom will not recognize your camera raw files.   And if you haven’t upgraded from Lightroom 1 or 2, you will never get direct support for newer cameras.  The same issues occur with Camera Raw and Photoshop.

So what do you do if you have a new camera, or an older version of Lightroom or Photoshop?  Fortunately there is a free solution — it involves converting your raw files to Adobe’s DNG format first.

Jeff Tranberry from Adobe has written a post on converting to DNG for these purposes.  He includes a link to a Julianne Kost video on the advantages of DNG and how to incorporate DNG into your workflow. 

Read Jeff’s article, and then come back and read more here!

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One Comment

  1. […] If you have Lightroom 2 or earlier, and/or Photoshop CS4 or earlier and are looking for support for the new cameras listed, you should instead read this post on converting to DNG. […]

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