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//More on Spot Removal in Camera Raw

More on Spot Removal in Camera Raw

I showed you how to use the spot removal tool in Lightroom and Camera Raw, and how to copy your spot removals from one image to others in Lightroom in my spot removal video.

However, I didn’t mention how to copy your spot removals from one image to others in Camera Raw. (Thanks, Teri for this question.) So here it is:

  • Open your first image and fix your spots. Click Done to close the image.
  • In Bridge, select all the other images that have spots in the same places (i.e. dust on the sensor).
  • Right-click, choose Develop Settings>Paste Settings …
  • From the drop down box in the dialog that appears, choose spot removal. Hit OK.
  • As I recommended in my video, review each image to make sure that its solution for each spot works well.

You can also open up all the images at once in Camera Raw, click Select All, and work on all the image simultaneously. Or, with all of them open in Camera Raw, select the first, then click Synchronize and choose Spot Removal. But I find both of these to be slower than pasting in Bridge.

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