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Clarity — Part 2

I showed you in my first clarity post how to use negative clarity in Lightroom or Camera Raw to soften skin. For a creative look, try heavy negative clarity on the whole image:



Minus 100 Clarity

Minus 100 Clarity (click on the Image to see larger)

Negative clarity reduces midtone edge contrast, so it softens or blurs. The pier is much less ffected by the softening because it has alot of deep shadow tones.



Minus 100 Clarity

After: Minus 100 Clarity

It looks kind of like a slide sandwich, or having a gaussian blur layer or smart filter in the soft light blending mode over the background layer (for those that have taken my filters, blending modes and montages creative class.) You may have to increase vibrance or saturation and contrast afterwards.

Note that Camera Raw introduced negative Clarity with CS4. It has been in Lightroom since version 1.

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