More Photoshop CS6 Beta Resources

In my last post, I presented a video of a few of my favorite CS6 Beta features so far.  Since I need to focus on my upcoming creativeLIVE Lightroom workshop (watch it free next week online!)  and on my next video series, Lightroom’s Output Modules,  rather than produce a whole series of “What’s new in Photoshop CS6 Beta” videos, I thought I would point you to some resources that others have put together: Julianne Kost’s 6 Favorite Features Russell Brown’s 6 Favorite Features Content Aware Technology Photoshop Cafe TV National Association of Photoshop Professionals CS6 Beta Learning Center CS6 Beta Training I have not watched all these, and I am sure there are many more good ones out there […more]


Adobe Photoshop Touch Video Demonstration

Here’s a great video by Terry White demonstrating the new Adobe Photoshop Touch app for iPad and Android devices.  It really is Photoshop — though not with complete functionality, of course.  But if you are a Photoshop user, you will be happy to see layers, blending modes, refine edge, and more. I love how you can start a project on the iPad, then upload it to the Cloud and immediately access it from Photoshop on your desktop computer to finish it. If you are not a Photoshop user, I suspect you will face a bit of Photoshop’s learning curve.  Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to try it myself to see how much.  If you have experience with the app, […more]


Check Out the Archives

These days I try to post regularly, but I gave up long ago on the idea of posting daily.  If you check in on a day when I don’t have a new post for you, take the opportunity to go back through the archives — if you haven’t been following my blog for all of the past 10 months, you may have missed some tips and tutorials that would be useful to you. Scroll down this page to the archive section.  Once you enter the archives and click on an article title, you can just hit the backward or forward button below the article to continue through the archives. I hope you find something worthwhile!

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