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In this 80-minute webinar recording I show you how to rearrange your folders and files, resolve question marks and missing files, eliminate photo duplicates, clean up and organize your keywords and collections, delete unneeded catalog backups and old catalogs, and merge two or more catalogs into one.

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  1. I am very interested in seeing a workshop of Lightroom3, Importing & organizing you photographs with development skill level 1. I have your Lightroom 3 Fundamentals and Beyond DVD but have not made the time to begin using it. Thanks for the consideration on such a workshop…….Howard

    • Thank you for the note, Howard. I will be releasing a whole series of webinars soon. If you’re not already on my mailing list, enter your email address in the right sidebar for updates.

  2. I learrned alot. I hope you do it again.

  3. Will there be more webinars tours for LR4 Beta?

  4. Thanks very much for sharing (free) your Touring LR4 Beta Webinar. The hour I spend watching this was worth much, much more then I paid. It was very well organized, concise, instructive and last but not least, easily understood. Considering Adode only announce LR4 at CES a few days ago, the rewards for your efforts here should flow your way soon. I for one will be upgrading as soon as the full release version become available. After which no doubt, making the trek from Canada to the USA to I attend more of your hand on training courses. I still think there is an untouched market for your services here in Vancouver BC.. Cheers, Doug Stead

  5. Are you going to make available a recording of the Overview of Lightroom Webinar? I attended but I know a number of people who didn’t who I am sure would find the Webinar as interesting and as informative as I did. Thanks. John

    • I would have liked to, John, but the technical difficulties we had prevented it. I will record it next time I offer the session … probably late March or early April. Thank you for your interest in it.

      • Ok, thanks. Just ordered the Lightroom 4 version of your DVD Tutorials and looking forward to receiving them! John

  6. Hi Laura,

    I am so excited to see that you will have webinars for Lightroom as well as Photoshop. I would really like to see you do some on combining Lightroom and Photoshop.

    I am just finishing an on-line beginning class for Photoshop. It has been difficult but fasinating. Now, when I review your videos, it is much easier to understand Lightroom. Your lessons are still the best that I have seen. Can’t wait to see what you have done with Lightroom 4.

    How do we find the upgrade for Lightroom? You mentioned the price but I do not see it offered at their website.

    The photos in my library “closet” are still a jumbled mess. I got sidetracked from having a personal lesson with you to straighten it out but hope to get back to it soon.


  7. I purchased Lightroom 3 several months ago and was frustrated after dowloading seveal pages of instruction from ADOBE. I thought I had wasted my money on a program I would never b able to use. Then came along Laura Show and her Lightroom 3 Fundamentals and Beyond. What a great learning tool this turned out to be. I still use this DVD as a reference as I increase my ability to expand my knowledge and expertise of this wonderful program. Thank you Laura Shoe for making this program fun for me.

  8. Bummed it’s on Easter Sunday 🙁
    Sunday April 8, 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 5 pm GMT

    I registered for the other 2. Thanks for sharing your info 🙂

  9. Hi Laura, I have not used used Lightroom and just purchased the new Lightroom4. I use a Drobo to store my photo’s so my hard drive is free. How can I process in Lightroom and keep my photo’s on my Drobo?

    • No problem, Wayne — import your photos choosing the Drobo photos folders as the source, choose Add in the top center, to add to the catalog without copying or moving, and you are good to go. Lightroom will then show you in the Folders panel those photos on the Drobo. Look for my recent post on getting started… watch the first Import video, on adding photos already on your hard drive.

    • Gavin, top shelf work as always my freind. I have LR3 and it’s definitely a GREAT improvement since LR2 for sure. Especially the noise reduction feature it offers. There’s an idea for you for another video? if you haven’t done so already.Demonstrating how to use the Luminance and Detail in LR3 to remove noise and preserve detail.Cheers

  10. Laura, Your web program was GREAT. I did learn a lot. I would like to know if you have a list of all of your web sights. I have found several and liked them very much.



    • Hi Bruce, I am not sure what you mean by a list of my web sites … could you please elaborate? I am glad you enjoyed the webinar!

  11. I would be very interested in seeing a webinar on the develop module (assuming that we already know the basics from Lightroom 3, rating photos, organizing photos, presets, etc.) I’m listening to you now on creative live but I’m in Vietnam so will head to sleep soon and tune in again for the develop section! Thanks for your great efforts! 11:21 pm here in Vietnam

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your note from Vietnam! On my list of to-do’s is to plan out more webinars, so I’ll keep this in mind.

  12. Love learning from you Laura Thank You so much!

  13. Your CreativeLive presentation was outstanding! I did send a message to CL to bring you back for “Part 2”

    I want to learn how to make web images show larger in my LR galleries (I post them for the Orchid Society of Santa Barbara, non-profit). I am hoping to view your April 29th webinar and/or another CL presentation or buy a dvd by you on the Output modules. LR has been wonderful, in every version. It allowed me to process >4000 images of Utah in two weeks, and about 2500 images of the Canadian Rockies in a week. I still use CS5 to finish off the selected images. I like the Levels better as well as the Content Aware engines.

    • Hi Meryl, thank you for the note – I am glad you enjoyed it!

      Regarding changing photo size, some of the Lightroom web layout styles (such as the Lightroom Flash Gallery) allow you to change it in the Appearance panel.

  14. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for your Creative Live event! I learned so much. I came to your website to sign up for your April Webinar only to find out it’s FULL. Any way to increase attendance?? I would love to learn more.
    Thanks again!
    Mike Moore

    • Hi Mike, I am glad you enjoyed the cL workshop! Sorry you missed out on this particular webinar — I will be scheduling more webinars soon!

  15. Thank you for sharing your Creative live event. I could not follow all the 3 days but I learned a lot. I have already your DVD of LR3 and Fundamentals that I bought last September who help me to understand how LR work. I hpo you will have soon more Creative live so I could see all the event. Thanks Laura you are the best.

    • Hi Maria, thanks so much for your note! I am glad you enjoyed the event, and thanks for your DVD purchase! I hope to have another creativeLIVE workshop in the near future on Lightroom’s output modules.

  16. I enjoyed your CreativeLive stream.
    I’d like to see more of your free webinar but never been able to because it is always full.
    Isn’t it a broadcast in the internet for every one?

    • Hi Vicky, I pay a monthly fee for the webinar service, and there is quite a jump in price to open it up to more (though perhaps I will consider it at some point). If you are on my email mailing list, you will be among the first to hear about new offerings.

  17. Laura, Wishing you a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2013. Just added your latest offerings “Producing Great Output” download format. Thanks once again from Scotland.

    Best Wishes


  18. Ms. Shoe,
    I just returned from 2 weeks in Alaska and about 500 photos (taken in HQ .jpg and RAW). I have some experience with Photoshop 4 many years ago but have very little understanding of the basics of photo editing.
    Where should I start to work with my Alaska photos to bring out their best (cool picture of whale breaching!)? [Camera is Canon 350]
    Thanks for your help getting started.

  19. Just “discovered” you and I am so excited to dive into to all the valuable information you have to share! Curious, I am very interested in the Lightroom seminar on March 1, 2014 but will not be near a computer at that time. Will it be recorded or rebroadcast?
    Thank you 🙂

    • If I can make it available, I’ll announce it through my email newsletter, Sandy. Thank you for your interest.

  20. My notification failed and I missed your March 1st webinar. Is there a replay somewhere sometime? Do you have a place where I may find your replays, please?

  21. I logged onto your webinar today, but did not get any picture. When I started looking around to see if I could locate the problem, I lost the connection. Then I could not get back in because the Adobe limit had been exceeded. That is great tribute to your skills, but it left me in the dark. Did you make a recording of the webinar, and where do I access it? Many thanks, Henry

    • Hi Henry,

      I’m very sorry you weren’t able to get back in. We didn’t realize that there was a 1,000 person limit. I sent out a newsletter this afternoon with a link to the recording.

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