Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output

A Workshop on Video with Laura Shoe

Produce great prints, photo books, slideshows and web galleries with Lightroom 5, 6 and CC 2015!

Master Lightroom’s output modules — Book, Slideshow, Print and Web — and finally conquer critical output concepts that confuse and frustrate photographers, but are important to getting high quality consistent results.

• For Lightroom 5, 6, CC 2015 (the current version of CC)
• Over 12 hours of training on 57 videos
• Playable on PC, Mac, iPad and other mobile devices

“Has to be the best and easiest way to master Lightroom…
superb…perfect for both beginners and intermediate level
Lightroom users and will impress advanced users as well…
The next best thing to having a great expert at your side
…a great value.”

– Photo Source International

Lightroom 6 Training Tutorials
Option 1: Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output with Lightroom CC/6 and 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond
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Option 2: Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output
Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output
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• Download one 1.5 GB zip file or three 400-600 MB files.
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In this easy-to-follow series, Laura will teach you Lightroom’s Print, Book, Slideshow and Web modules, as well as the output concepts that are critical to getting great-quality output.

  • Learn to create great single and multi-photo layouts using Lightroom’s Print module, then print to your printer or save to JPEG so someone else can do the printing.
  • Design and order beautiful photo books, or create e-books for your mobile devices.
  • Create slideshows with text and music, to play in Lightroom or to export and share online.
  • Design web galleries showcasing your work and upload them to your website or other webspace. Discover where you may have personal webspace to use that you didn’t know about.
  • Finally master output concepts that confuse and frustrate photographers!
    • Understand why what you see in Lightroom isn’t always what you get in output, and what you can do about it. Learn about color management, color spaces, printing with profiles, calibrating your monitor, and more.
    • Learn to make decisions on JPEG quality and output sharpening.
    • Understand when you do and don’t need to crop in order to get the output proportions you want.
    • Understand what size and resolution mean for printed and screen-based output, and how to make decisions on these. Learn how large you can print without losing quality.
Creating a photo collage in Lightroom's Print module

Creating a photo collage in Lightroom’s Print module

Who This Series Is For

This series is for Lightroom 5, 6, and CC users. It does assume you have some basic experience with Lightroom – that you know how to import and manage your photos and do basic editing. If you do not have this experience, start with Laura’s Lightroom CC/6 and 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series. Watching the subset of videos in this Fundamentals & Beyond series that are color-coded for beginners will give you sufficient experience with Lightroom to proceed with Producing Great Output.

Lightroom Book Module

Designing a book in Lightroom’s Book module

What you get

  • Comprehensive instruction in 57 videos.
  • A PDF of Laura’s favorite output-related Lightroom shortcuts
  • A detailed searchable index, so you can get back to any point in any of the videos
  • Free downloadable updates for any new features added to the Slideshow, Print, Web and Book modules in Lightroom CC 2015 and 6.
  • Participation in a private Facebook group in which to ask Lightroom questions. After purchase, contact Laura for an invitation to join.)
  • 60 Day No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not fully satisfied with this series, contact us within 60 days for a full refund.
  • Purchase grants you a license to use these video tutorials on your own computers and mobile devices forever. This license does not allow for resale or distribution of this video series.
Designing a slideshow in Lightroom's Slideshow module

Designing a slideshow in Lightroom’s Slideshow module

About Watching These Videos

The series includes sixty six MP4 videos (1024×768). There were not a lot of changes to the output modules between Lightroom 5 and CC/6, so most videos are completely applicable to both CC/6 and 5. Fifty seven of the videos are applicable to Lightroom CC/6, and fifty eight are applicable to Lightroom 5.

These videos are playable on your computer with QuickTime, iTunes, and all other media players. Once you download the series or receive a DVD, no internet connection is required to watch the videos! Watch them anywhere: you can put them on all of your own computers and all your own mobile devices. Instruction is provided on how to download them to your iPad or iPhone. Note that most TVs will not play MP4 videos directly. Alternatives include using Apple TV or connecting your mobile device or laptop to your TV.

The License Agreement

Click here to review the License Agreement for this product. (It also is included in the product download and DVD.) Please Note: Due to the nature of this product, the License Agreement does not permit you to resell this product.

Designing and uploading a web gallery in Lightroom's Web module

Designing and uploading a web gallery in Lightroom’s Web module

Sample Video from This Series

In this video Laura shows how to create a photo collage with text in the Print module. Later in the series she shows how to print this using your own photo printer and how to export a JPEG file that you can share electronically or have someone else print. (Note that purchased videos are larger and of higher quality.)

What’s New from the Last Version?

  • Easily get back to any point in a video with the detailed Video Index. Use Acrobat Reader to search the index for any topic.
  • The slideshow videos are updated to include the following CC/6 new features: pan and zoom, up to 10 music tracks, aspect preview, reorganized Playback panel.
  • The Web module videos are updated to cover CC/6’s new HTML5 Track, Grid and Square galleries.
  • Videos that discuss soft proofing now mention that it is possible in CC/6 to soft proof photos to be used in photo books using Blurb’s profile.
  • Recommendations in the “Size and Resolution for Screen-Based Output” video has been updated to reflect the availability and prevalence of higher resolution monitors.

I have your Lightroom 5: Producing Great Output series. Should I get this version as well?

If you watched and mastered all or most of Laura’s Lightroom 5: Producing Great Output series and really just need to learn the new features, a more efficient way to do this would be to watch her free Learn Lightroom CC/6’s New Features series.

On the other hand, if you haven’t watched many of the Producing Great Output videos, or if you want to be able to revisit videos and you want to be confident that you are watching completely up-to-date content, you’ll find this updated Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output series to be useful. It also contains an extensive index that the Lightroom 5 version didn’t have.

Note that there are no significant changes to the Book and Print module videos, so there is no need to upgrade your video series if your interest is limited to these. See the What’s New section above for what has changed in the other sections.

More Information
More Information

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  2. If you click on Add to Cart and nothing happens, right-click (ctl-click on Mac), and choose Open Link in New Tab (or Window). If this doesn’t work, try using a different browser. If this doesn’t work – don’t give up! Contact Laura and let her know whether you wish to purchase the DVD or download version, whether you live in Washington state, and what discount code you are using, if any. She will send you a Paypal payment request directly.
  3. PayPal errors: First, try a different browser. Second, if you know how to, try clearing your browser cache (history) and cookies. If you don’t know how to do this or it does not resolve the issue, please contact Laura, and she can send you an invoice, which should work around the issue. Please let her know whether you would like the download or DVD, whether you are a Washington state resident or not, and if you have a discount code (currently only available to customers who already own the Lightroom 3 FAB DVD.) Information on what error codes and messages you received would also be very helpful.
  4. If Paypal will not accept your credit card and you do not have a PayPal account with which to pay, contact Laura to send a check. Let her know whether you wish to purchase the DVD or download version, whether you live in Washington state, and what discount code you are using, if any. Your product will be delivered as soon as the check clears. 5. If you are getting a blank screen with Firefox, use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari.

Introduction (24 min)
  • Series Introduction
  • Downloading These Training Videos to Your iPad or iPhone
  • Overview of Lightroom’s Output Modules
Output Concepts (2 hrs, 35 min)
  • Introduction to Color Management
  • Calibrating Your Monitor
  • Printer Profiles
  • Color Spaces and Soft Proofing
  • Output Proportions
  • Size and Resolution – Printing
  • Size and Resolution – Monitor/Screen-Based Output
  • JPEG Quality and Compression
  • Output Sharpening
Starting Your Project (29 min)
  • Workflow (Preparing for Your Output Project)
  • Working with Offline Photos
  • Watermarking Your Photos
Book Module (3 hrs, 1 min)
  • Book Options
  • Workflow and Preferences
  • Getting Started
  • Saving Book Work
  • Book Basic Layout Skills
  • Changing Page Layouts
  • Text Basics
  • More Text Skills
  • Page Backgrounds
  • Designing a Cover
  • Auto Layout Presets
  • Reviewing Your Book
  • Uploading or Exporting Your Book
  • Reusing Your Book Designs
Slideshow Module (1 hr, 54 min)
  • Overview / Previewing and Playing
  • Lightroom CC and 6: Playback Options and Music
  • Lightroom 5: Playback Options and Music
  • Adding Text, Part 1
  • Adding Text, Part 2 – Custom Text
  • Adding Title Slides
  • Saving Your Work
  • Exporting
Print Module (2 hrs, 43 min)
  • Print Module Overview
  • Saving Your Work: Print Collections
  • Saving Your Design: Templates
  • Setting Output Size and Destination
  • Making Contact Sheets
  • Contact Sheets, Part 2 (triptychs and more)
  • Single Photo Layouts
  • Picture Package
  • Custom Package, Part 1
  • Custom Package, Part 2
  • Print Job Panel
  • Printer Settings
  • Keys to Printing Success
Web Module for Lightroom CC and 6 Users (1 hr, 30 min)
  • Uses for the Web Module
  • Introduction to Working with the Web Module
  • Designing a Lightroom Classic/HTML Gallery
  • Grid, Square and Track Gallerys
  • Image Info and Output Settings Panels
  • Exporting and Uploading
  • Saving Your Work
Web Module for Lightroom 5 Users (1 hr, 42 min)
  • Uses for the Web Module
  • Introduction to Working with the Web Module
  • Designing a Lightroom Classic/HTML Gallery, Part 1
  • Designing a Lightroom Classic/HTML Gallery, Part 2
  • Exporting and Uploading
  • Saving Your Work
  • Designing a Lightroom Flash Gallery
  • Designing Airtight Galleries

If you’re not fully satisfied with Laura’s Lightroom video tutorials, you can contact us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. You have no risk!

Generally speaking: Begin with The Fundamentals & Beyond, and then proceed to Producing Great Output.

In The Fundamentals & Beyond I teach what I consider to be the core of Lightroom – the Library and Develop modules (plus the Map module.) You’ll learn how to import, organize and manage, and edit your photos, and how to share them by exporting copies, emailing from Lightroom, and using Publish Services to upload to social media and photo sharing sites. If you are a beginner, you should start with The Fundamentals & Beyond. If you are an experienced user who wants to fill in gaps in your knowledge or learn to work more efficiently, you can also benefit greatly from The Fundamentals & Beyond.

Producing Great Output is a companion series that assumes some foundation in the fundamentals of importing, organizing and editing. It specifically covers how to use Lightroom’s output modules (Book, Slideshow, Web, Print) to create photo books, slideshows and web galleries, and to design single and multi-photo print layouts and print to your own printer or export to send out to print. I also spend 2 ½ hours on important output concepts that are critical to getting great output, and that I believe all photographers need a solid foundation in. This section is very valuable even if you don’t use Lightroom’s Print, Book, Slideshow or Web modules. You’ll learn why sometimes you don’t get in print or other output what you see in Lightroom, and what you can do about it (the big and sometimes unnecessarily intimidating topic of color management), and how to set output settings like JPEG quality and sharpening.

Lightroom is an excellent program for both serious amateurs and professional photographers. If you are an amateur and you are managing a large collection of photographs, or you want to take the time to make the most of your photos and you don’t mind the time investment to learn Lightroom, then you qualify as a “serious” amateur in this sense. Read more in this article of mine, Should I Learn Lightroom or Photoshop or Both or Neither?

For minor releases, such as from Lightroom 6.0 to Lightroom 6.2 or CC 2015.0 to CC 2015.2, Laura provides free downloadable updates.

No question there is a lot of content out there – and some of it is quite good! However, some of it is not of the highest quality, and moreover, it is difficult to construct comprehensive education for yourself from piecemeal free content. I am often surprised at how many cool things or critical skills in Lightroom even users with many years of experience don’t know about. I provide comprehensive, consistently high quality education that builds your skills as you go along.

I have seen many short videos on the web as well as in-person “crash courses” that show off cool Lightroom tools or techniques that leave folks excited to try them, but don’t go into sufficient detail to actually enable you to use the tools successfully, or to understand how to get unstuck when you get stuck. I have taught Lightroom in-person for many years, so I understand where users get stuck and what things are difficult to grasp, and I guide you through these.

No. Your DVD purchase does entitle you to a free download of the series so that you can get started right away if you choose. However, it is an exact copy of what is on the DVD, so there is no need to download it if you prefer not to.

Your purchase entitles you to copy the videos onto all of your own computers and/or mobile devices, exclusively for your own personal use. For detailed terms and conditions, contact Laura.

The second video in this series shows you how to use iTunes to download the videos and PDFs from your computer to your iPad or iPhone. You’ll then use the Videos app to play the videos, and the iBooks app to read the PDFs.

For other mobile devices: Check with your device manufacturer for instructions on how to transfer and view .MP4 video files.

You will double-click on each video to play it with your computer’s default media player. Media players include QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and iTunes.

The series also includes PDF’s containing descriptions of each video and my favorite Lightroom shortcuts.

Most television DVD players will not play .MP4 videos directly. Alternatives include using Apple TV, or connecting your iPad or laptop to your TV.

If you’re not fully satisfied with Laura’s Lightroom video tutorials, you can contact us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

Lightroom Tutorial Review Marijke RawieLaura Shoe’s Lightroom course has allowed me to finally understand what Lightroom is and what I can do with it. I have paid hundreds of dollars for Lightroom lessons in person and on the internet, but I screwed up constantly. But by following all the easy steps in Laura Shoe’s course I see myself now as a Lightroom pro! She is clear, calm, easy to understand, exact, precise and friendly. What more do you want?! Hurry, she is the best Lightroom coach you’ll ever need!
Marijke Rawie (Documentary Consultant, Amsterdam Netherlands)

Richard-Dunne-100 I have many, many books on Lightroom — too many to read them all. However, I have found that Laura’s videos are far easier to comprehend and the quality of the videos is unequaled. She is definitely a cut above.
Richard Dunne

Lightroom Training Testimonial Joe - AustraliaI found Laura’s videos on Lightroom 5 to be the best way to learn how to use it. The series contains a wealth of information on all the tools in the program. Being a video-based learning series, I was able to pause when I wanted to try what Laura was teaching. Laura is a fantastic teacher who clearly explains the process of the actions being used. I highly recommend Laura’s videos to any one wanting to learn Lightroom the best and easiest way possible.
Joe (seascape photographer, Australia)

Lightroom Training Videos - Recommendation - Michal BagleyI just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your Lightroom video series.  The tutorials are clear and concise, but cover all relevant aspects of the Lightroom features.  In fact, I make it a habit to sit down once every couple of weeks and give myself a short “refresher” on some aspect (usually of the Develop module).  There is so much functionality that I find I’m always rediscovering something about the program when I revisit a video.  Thanks so much.
Michal Bagley (travel and pet photographer, Austin, Texas)

Lightroom Training Video Review - GraemeWhat a great discovery [Laura has been], with no nonsense tutorials and very clear to understand step by step instructions. Laura has now become my first turn to instructor sharing her extensive knowledge and excellent customer support. I really thought I knew Lightroom but was really just skimming the surface. Other instructors I have tried usually just say “do this”, Laura firmly sits in the “why you should” bracket. Please support this top class instructor and you will not be sorry. In fact like myself you will be very delighted that you did.
Graeme (United Kingdom, camera club member)

Lightroom Training Testimonial Susan PedersonI’m one of the many who moved from Aperture to Lightroom.  Most of my struggles these past months have been in the Library module.  I just couldn’t grasp how to organize my photo library.  All the books and online tutorials kind of just glanced over this important step.  At some point I found your blog and from there found and purchased your videos “The Fundamentals and Beyond” and “Producing Great Output”.  My eyes were opened and the light began to shine as I watched your videos and followed your instructions on how to organize my photos.  I can’t say enough about how easy, thorough and precise you are in explaining the concepts in your videos.  I’ve learned so much from you in fact that recently I was asked by a long-time LR user to show her how to organize her library!  Thanks for all your help.  I couldn’t have done this without you!!!
Susan Pederson

Lightroom training testimonial - Dick WeaverI purchased your Lightroom tutorial series and have found it to be superb! Your style of instruction is easy to follow, very informative and helped me become more facile in using Lightroom. I gained a great deal of expertise and felt more at ease in editing my images after participating in this series. Thank you for aiding me in becoming a better photographer.
Dick Weaver (Pensacola, FL; convert from black and white film and darkroom printing; photo club president)

Lightroom Training Recommendation Sandra KunzAs a serious non-professional travel photographer I had been using Photoshop for 15 years when Lightroom came along. After attending classes in Lightroom where I came away confused, I bought Laura’s video course on LR.  Her clear instruction taught me LR and today I use it for all my photography, only occasionally going to Photoshop.  I can’t thank Laura enough and would recommend her videos highly.
Sandra Kunz (Bend, OR)

  Lightroom Tutorial Recommendation Matt O'BrienLaura is the consummate professional, at the top of the game in terms of delivering the best available Lightroom training, tutorials and  tips for both the advanced and beginner.  Her training course are extremely well crafted.  Pace and pitch of delivery is a pleasure to experience.
Matt O’Brien

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  8 Responses to “Lightroom CC/6 Producing Great Output Video Tutorials”

  1. Will these tutorials be that different from the LR 5 tutorials (on producing books in particular)? I noticed that in other comments that you were behind due to family concerns, so if LR 5 tutorials are adequate, I’ll go ahead & get them. However, if LR 6/CC is coming soon, I’ll wait.

  2. I have Lightroom 3 and I want to upgrade either to Lightroom 6 or to the cc subscription one. I am trying to work out which one. Are there any problems if I get the subscription with and changing from Lightroom 3 like I’m reading that there are with the upgrade to Lightroom 6. I feel I’m a bit behind the curve as I have been waiting for some space in my life to get up to date. I’m worried about upgrading and having problems with my current Lightroom

  3. Hi: I just want to know when this tutorial will be launched? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi everyone,

    My updated Producing Great Output series is available now. There is a section on this page that addresses whether it might be worth it to upgrade from the old Lightroom 5 version or not.

  5. Hi, Laura, I’m just now working my way through your excellent video series on creating great output. I ran across an issue with my specific printer that you may already be aware of, but I thought I’d pass it on, just in case either you or your readers weren’t aware of it.

    I have an HP 7520 printer. It’s a nice little printer that is limited to a max paper size of somewhere around 8.5″ x 11″. The problem is, this printer has NO OPTION to create custom paper sizes, so the instructions in your video “P04 – Output Size-Destination” for creating custom paper sizes cannot be used with this printer.

    I did some brief research on an HP forum and they document some very complex work-arounds, requiring downloading a different printer’s print driver. It seemed to work for some and not for others. These forum posts were back before Windows 10 (which I use), so they may or may not work at all with Windows 10.

    I have most of my printing done by a lab, so I’ll just live with this limitation of my printer until it’s time to buy a new one. When that time comes, I know now to ask whether the printer I’m planning to purchase has this functionality, so the instructions in your video were very useful for my future printer purchase!

    I absolutely LOVE your videos and even though I’ve been using LR for 3 years, I’m learning a TON of new things. Thank you so much!!


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