Lightroom Workshops on Video with Laura Shoe
2014 Lightroom Workshops Holiday Year End Sale

Lightroom 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond
Lightroom 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond
  • Master Lightroom 5′s Library, Map and Develop modules to organize, manage, fix and enhance, and share your photos.
  • 12½ hours of training on 61 videos
  • For beginners & experienced users
  • Start your best-in-class Lightroom training here!

Lightroom 5: Producing Great Output; Beyond
Lightroom 5: Producing Great Output
  • Learn important output concepts and master Lightroom 5′s Output Modules (Print, Slideshow, Book and Web).
  • Over 12 hours of training on 57 videos.
  • Requires basic understanding of Lightroom – a perfect companion to The Fundamentals & Beyond video tutorial series!

Lightroom 5: Master 5's New Features; Beyond
Lightroom 5: Master 5’s New Features
  • Focus on learning the new features and changes in Lightroom 5.
  • Over 2 hours of training on 13 videos.
  • Requires familiarity with a previous version of Lightroom

  10 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Workshops on Video”

  1. I have never used Lightroom at all. Now I have LR3. Can you video help me learn this software. I feel so frustrated trying to learn it. I don’t have a starting page. I am just jumping around. HELP.


    • Hi Monica:

      I was in your same situation a couple of months ago. I bought Lightroom 3 several earlier and it was of no use to me until I purchased Laura’s Lightroom 3 Fundamental and Beyond. This DVD was a tremendous help in getting me started and a great reference tool for reviewing step by step most of the features. Now I love Lightroom 3 and still have lots to learn but am enjoying the experience. I think the DVD would be a big help to you……….Howard

      • Thank you for sharing your experience, Howard! I am happy to hear that it has been so helpful to you.

  2. Hi Laura,l’ve just spent the most informative week workig through your fantastic Fundamentals and Beyond DVD, Only wish l had been able to aquire it years ago ,it would have solved a huge number of problems l’ve been having with Lightroom in the past,especially the filing of images.Thanks to you. l am now looking forward to using LR. with far more confidance in the future. Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful holiday. Cheers from Down Under !

  3. I can’t recommend this training enough!!! This training was the RIGHT way to learn which is teaching concept, theory and really understanding what Lightroom is doing. I have read several LR books, taken other online training, used it for years and I STILL learned a ton from the DVD. I get so tired of other competitive training that teaches “buttonology” and menu memorizing which is not the right way to truly understand a product. From the first lessons, it is obvious that Laura is a professional instructor (which is rare in this type of techincal training). The training is clear and well organized with just enough detail. I found myself taking notes and replaying lessons on issues that I was having trouble understanding. A very good investment!

  4. I have used LR3 and now have LR4 and am enjoying the challenge. Your DVD is the best I have come across (I have a few). The manner in which you present the material is clear and concise. Truly the work of a skilled presenter. I am looking forward to your series of videos on the output modules.

    • Hi Marty, somehow I missed this note of yours last month. Thank you very much for leaving a note — I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed the Fundamentals DVD and I hope you also enjoy the output one!

  5. Hi Laura. I bought “Light room 5 producing Great Output” and viewed about 1/4 of the lessons and decided it was so great that I have just now ordered The “Fundamentals and Beyond Light Room 5″ lessons. Keep up the great work so us non pros can master our dig photo darkrooms. Love my hobby and keep at it to keep me young.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding, Charles, but — thank you for your note! I am happy to hear that you enjoyed Producing Great Output, and I hope you are enjoying the Fundamentals & Beyond as well!

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