Getting Started with Lightroom
(and Solving Common Lightroom Issues)

Below is a list of Lightroom articles  or tutorials that I recommend that beginners start with — first to decide whether to go with Lightroom, and then once you get started, to understand the unique way in which Lightroom works with a catalog, so that potential misunderstandings don’t lead to serious problems and regrets.  Finally there are some posts listed that go into the subtleties of how to do some basic tasks, that can otherwise be frustrating.
Lightroom 5

Where to Start:

Fundamentals & Beyond
The Fundamentals & Beyond
61 videos, 12½ Hours of Training
Producing Great Output
Producing Great Output
57 videos, 12 Hours of Training

For in-depth and comprehensive Lightroom training, and to learn to develop your photos in Lightroom to their maximum potential, I would highly recommend you check out my top-rated Lightroom 3, 4 and 5 Workshops on Video. For both new and experienced Lightroom users, the Fundamentals & Beyond series is an excellent one to start with!

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  14 Responses to “Lightroom Articles and Video Tutorials for Beginners, and Help Solving Problems”

  1. Your DVD provides a lot of valuable information in a very clear way. If only I had known about it before embarking on my own…
    I will be contacting you for individual time to get me organized.

    Thanks for your knowledge and magic,
    Raleigh Harmon

  2. Hi Laura,
    There are piles of “how to” books, manuals and DVDs in my home on the topics of photo editing and handling for several software applications and programs as well as the plug-ins. The most utilized by me is your DVD on Lightroom. Simple precise information is shared in a step by step manner in a way that is easy to follow even for an old dog like me. It is taught to learn the program in a common sense way. I think It is done better than any other learning source that I have access to. Well done and thank you! Your teaching skills shine through. Many sources have good information but few ever learn how to teach it and make it fun to boot.
    This going to be good,
    I’ll be back…and keep those tips and helpful extras in my mailbox!

    Ray Christian in Baldwin New York

  3. btw ……..I have 3.6……….lightroom

  4. I have a beginner user question about cropping. How can I crop an image just in one direction without having the whole rectangle shrink even when i leave constrain unchecked and select custom sizing?

    • Hi Linda, as long as the padlock is unlocked, you should be able to drag from an edge, rather than a corner, to crop in just one direction.

  5. Laura,

    I upgraded my Photoshop Elements to PSE12, now it wont let LR3 run, if I uninstal PSE12 all is normal with LR3

    Is PSE12 compatable with LR3,? my system is Windows XP, could that be the problem ?


    Barry H

  6. Laura
    Hello, I’m writing you because on one of your photoshop tutorials, in which you were using camra raw to sharpen an image, you blurred the image and then went back to sharpen certain parts of the image. I went back to review the video again and couldn’t find it, is it possible to share that information with me so that I can review it again,


    • Sorry for the delay, Michael, but I don’t recall doing this. Lightroom doesn’t have a setting to blur the whole photo – you can do this only with local tools – the adjustment brush, graduated filter, and radial filter, by using a negative Sharpness setting.

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