Learn Lightroom CC/6 New Features

A Workshop on Video with Laura Shoe
Learn Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6's New Features

Lightroom 6: The Fundamentals & Beyond
Lightroom 6: Producing Great Output
Learn Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6’s New Features (free!)

Learn Lightroom CC 2015 and Lightroom 6’s New Features!

Master all the new features and changes in Lightroom CC and 6. Includes practice files for HDR, Panorama and Develop tutorials.

• Over 90 minutes of training on 13 videos
• Playable on PC, Mac, iPad and other mobile devices
• Free download!
This series assumes you already are experienced with Lightroom. If you’re not, go to Laura’s Fundamentals & Beyond series instead.
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“Laura Shoe’s Lightroom video tutorials have been indispensable in my development as a photographer.”

– Joe Ordoñez, customer

Lightroom 6 Training Tutorials
  1. Series Intro / Downloading Practice Files
  2. Highlights of What’s New (14:17)
  3. Upgrading to Lightroom CC & 6
  4. Photo Merge Panorama (11:14)
  5. Photo Merge HDR (13:49)
  6. Face Tagging Part 1: Detect and Tag (13:46)
  7. Face Tagging Part 2: Organize People Keywords and Find Photos with Named People (9:30)
  8. Library Module (16:13)
  9. Develop Module (10:01)
  10. Slideshow Module (5:39)
  11. Web Module (6:27)
  12. Performance Enhancements
  13. Dehaze and Local Blacks and Whites
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  8 Responses to “Learn Lightroom CC/6 New Features”

  1. Dear Laura
    Just quick three things:
    1) Your Lightroom tutorials are the best I have found so far on the web, clear, to the point and very useful for new users. I have just recency purchased Lightroom 6 and a new digital camera (after 12 years using my beloved old Nikon coolpix 4500), a Sony A6000, now again after decades able to use my old good Canon FD lenses. I co-founded the Nepali NGO RIDS-Nepal for which I take all the pics for educational and teaching purpose, and now increasingly as well videos (that’s why the Sony A6000) for educational purpose with high video quality.
    2) Do you use Lightroom 6 as well for video editing? Or, otherwise, which software do you recommend for putting together short videos (educational), without spending too much time?
    3) I have Lightroom 6.1 and NOT yet upgraded to 6.3 after reading your valuable comments on 6.2 shortly after it came out. Having not really a lot of time to learn as much as I would like to reg Lightroom due to all the other responsibilities I have in and with RIDS-Nepal, as well as being a kind of intimidated by Lightroom’s enormous abilities, do you recomend I update to 6.3. or rather not?

    Would love to hear from you and what you advice. Thanks for all your effort and sharing your skills and experience, this is indeed a very NOBLE thing!
    Blessing for Christmas

    • Hi Alex,

      I am glad that you find my tutorials useful!

      I use Camtasia for recording and editing video tutorials. Lightroom is definitely not adequate for this — all you can do is trim off from the ends.

      There are always small subsets of users who have issues with updates, so I can’t guarantee smooth sailing, but 6.3 has gone much better than 6.2.

  2. I just signed up for the Lightroom CC. How is that different than Lightroom 6?

  3. I have just listened to your excellent online webinar presented on April 22, 2017. I have been dreading the mess I have probably created by not being consistent with my Lightroom (standalone) training. I am retired, a photography hobbyest, determined to get my family’s old photos in order. I am so glad that I decided to sign up for the webinar because you talked about how to establish a keyword system that I can use that will make it much easier for me to store my photos after I have processed them using the Develop module processiing. A while back I did purchase the “Lightroom CC/6 & 5, Fundamentals & Beyond” but never used it. I will be reviewing your other DVDs to determine which additional resources I will need. Thank you again for an excellent presentation. I have determined not to miss another on. Thank you again. Joyce Cruzat

  4. Hi Laura,

    I just subscribed to your newsletters/ tutorials. Have been using Lightroom for many years, but definitely need to catch up a little on some recent releases… I just updated to CC2015 several days ago and having trouble with two major issues. 1. Noise slider seem to have disappeared (instead there is camera calibration with several different options — I am not quite sure whether this is meant to replace noise feature? If so, I am rather unhappy about it. Is there a way to get Noise feature back?). 2. when I import my photos they are automatically “auto” straightened if I shot with a slightly skewed/ diagonal perspective – I can then go to Develop module and turn the Auto option off in “TRANSFORM” which brings back the original crop, but it’s very time consuming if I have a lot of photographs that I meant to have “off”… It did not used to be so in the previous versions of Lightroom. Is there a way to turn this option off? Grateful if you could please advise (I would be happy to include a few screenshots, but not quite sure how to post them here). Thanks.

    • Hi Magda, noise reduction is still in the Detail panel. If you don’t see the Detail panel, right-click on another panel header and select it. Regarding transform, you either have a preset chosen in the Import dialog or have changed your defaults. You can reset defaults by holding down Alt/Opt and clicking on Set Defaults… (where Reset would be, in the bottom right in Develop), and then Restore Adobe Defaults. This will change the defaults for photos imported from this point on. On those already imported, hit Reset.

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