Essential Development E-Book and Presets from Sean McCormack – A Great Resource, for an Amazing Price

Imagine being able to purchase a 120 page e-book full of great Lightroom Develop techniques and tips from talented professional photographer and Lightroom expert, Sean McCormack, along with 85 of his Lightroom presets, for only $6. Once again, Craft & Vision has made the unimaginable real, in this new release from Sean: Essential Development: 20 Great [...]

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Google Buys Nik

Wow, this was a surprise today (at least to me!) Nik Software, maker of professional photo editing software and the (great) SnapSeed mobile app, has been purchased by Google. According to the New York Times, "it is Google’s latest defensive move against Facebook and part of its strategy to become a photo-sharing hub."  The New York [...]

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What to Do If Your Photos Really, Truly Are Gone: Turn to Jeffrey Friedl’s Preview Extractor Plugin

Hopefully most of you will never need this post, because you have an effective backup strategy, that backs up both your Lightroom catalog and your image files. I have written about this in the following posts: Avoiding Lightroom-Generated Headaches and Heart Attacks I Would Cry If I Lost the Work I Did Today: How to Back [...]

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Where to Go for Lightroom Help – the Lightroom Queen Introduces a Member Area and Help Desk

Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen,  author of  Adobe Lightroom 4 - The Missing FAQ,  and one of the most knowledgeable people on Lightroom I know, has introduced a great new Help Desk and Members area. Anyone can be a member. Members get access to a public section of the knowledgebase, containing the most frequently asked questions [...]

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Black and White Film Is Not Dead!

To be honest, I don’t download a lot of presets from the internet.   I personally have limited mental bandwidth for add-ons, and there are so many out there that they can be hard to sift through.  However, I agree that done right, they can add great value.  It can be very efficient to use a [...]

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Craft & Vision Has Really Done It This Time!

I am a fan of Craft & Vision e-books -- great information and inspiration for photographers, quality writing and book design, and incredibly low prices -- $5 each!   But now Craft & Vision has gone and released an even cheaper e-book -- in fact a FREE e-book.  And it isn't just a fluff piece, it [...]

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Quick Tip of the Week: Where to Go for Lightroom Help

Something in Lightroom isn’t working, or you can’t figure out how to do something and your deadline is approaching. You have googled the issue, to no avail.   Who can you turn to for free troubleshooting help? I highly recommend — when Lightroom has me stumped, this is where I go.  The moderators are excellent and [...]

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An Affordable Set of Quality Lightroom Presets for People Photography (And a Chance to Win a Free Copy!)

Sean McCormack over at has recently released his new Lightroom preset pack.  According to Sean, it is a set of 18 presets  “that range from B&W to heavily processed colour looks for people photography. It borrows a lot from current fashion trends, but is equally at home with bands, portraits and fashion. Inspiration for each [...]

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A Hands on Look at Adobe Carousel

Adobe recently announced the upcoming release of this new software to manage images across devices via the cloud. Their initial target audience is point-and-shoot jpeg shooters, but it will almost certainly grow to include raw support, Lightroom integration, etc... As the first version is only available for the Mac (Windows to follow in 2012), I can't [...]

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