Now in Lightroom Web you can format the display of Lightroom Classic collections and Lightroom CC albums that you plan to share with friends or clients. Divide the album into sections, change the theme and background color, add a background photo or add a hero shot at the top of the page, filter on pick flag or star ratings, and more.

Lightroom Shared Album / Collection: Formatting

If you’re using Lightroom Classic, the first step is to sync your collection to the cloud. (Click here for an introductory video tutorial on using Lightroom mobile and web – this covers syncing, sharing collections with people, etc.). If you’re using the cloud-based Lightroom CC, syncing to the cloud is automatic.

Watch my video tutorial to learn all about how to format your album / collection using the new Display features on Lightroom Web, or read on below the video for the highlights.

For best quality, after hitting Play click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right and choose 720/HD.

For background specifically on sharing albums / collections, read my Share Collections from Lightroom Classic and Albums from Lightroom CC article.

For those who don’t want to watch the video above, here are the highlights on the new Display options (but do watch for more details):

Go to Lightroom Web at  and log in with your Adobe ID. On this site you as the Lightroom user can import, edit and share photos – all from a web browser. It’s on Lightroom Web that the album display options are available.

Format your shared Lightroom albums and collections

Select your album (1) and then click on the Display tab (2):

To change the title of the album page, click on the pencil (3).

Explore the three themes available (4) – there are two grid options, and an option with one column of images, with photo captions displayed.  Remember that this is the cover page of your album – regardless of which theme you choose, clicking on an image will open single-image (Loupe) view.

Choose a background color of white or black. Click upward triangle to the right to display more options, including setting the cover photo as the background or as the hero shot that will appear at the top of the gallery. Filter to display only photos with a pick flag and/oror a specified star rating.

To add a section title at the beginning (and a subhead/subtitle below it), click on Edit (5). To add another section title (and subtitle), hover in between two photos and click on the blue + sign.

Drag photos to move them from one section to another or to arrange them differently within a section.