Facebook Sharing Discontinued in Lightroom Classic and CCWhat you may have heard is true – as of August 1, 2018 you’ll no longer be able to share to Facebook from Lightroom Classic (or from earlier versions, such as Lightroom 6) or from the cloud-based Lightroom CC desktop application. Facebook will no longer allow desktop applications to post to Facebook (using its API anyway, which is how Lightroom has done it.)

If you’re reading this post before August 1 and if you to to publish to Facebook using Lightroom Classic’s Facebook publish service, you’ll see:

Lightroom Classic: SHaring to Facebook Discontinued

If you’re using Lightroom CC’s Share>Sent to Facebook, you’ll see:

Lightroom CC Share to Facebook Discontinued

Here’s what Adobe has to say about this.

UPDATE August 7, 2018: Now that the Facebook publish service has been disabled, users are reporting that their collections under this service are no longer visible, so they can’t be used for other purposes and you can’t tell what photos you have published.  Here’s a script from John Beardsworth that will convert your Facebook collections to regular collections.

UPDATE August 19, 2018: Adobe has re-enabled the Facebook publish service “temporarily” so that you can copy your Facebook collections into regular collections – don’t wait to do this – use John’s script above, or do it manually.


You’ll still have two options for posting photos to Facebook:

  1. Export JPEG files from Lightroom Classic, or Share>Save To: JPEG from Lightroom CC, and then in Facebook, manually post the images.
  2. Share from Lightroom CC on your mobile device – that sharing is not being discontinued.