WIndowsOnEarth.orgIn this free video tutorial, learn how to use Lightroom’s new Reference view for Creative Cloud subscribers. Reference view allows you to display a reference photo on the left as you edit another photo on the right. It’s useful anytime you want to match the appearance of photos (white balance, contrast, color, etc). Consider using it when when you want to unify groups of photos you plan to display together in a slideshow, portfolio, etc, or when you’ve  come across a photo on the web that has a cool effect that you want to try to replicate!

Lightroom CC Reference View

Lightroom CC Reference View (Photos courtesy of

This video is from my Lightroom CC/6 and 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series, for beginners and experienced users. If you enjoy this video, I guarantee that you’ll love the series!

(For best quality, after you hit Play, click on the sprocket wheel in the bottom right, then Quality, 720/HD.)

A Reference view button / icon
01:51  Assigning a reference photo from the filmstrip
02:07  Assigning a reference photo from the Library module
03:00  Displaying RGB color values for an area of the reference and active photos
04:30  Reference Photo padlock: preserving the reference photo when leaving the Develop module
05:03  Closing Reference view
05:20  Displaying the reference photo above the active photo