I hope you were able to catch all or part of my 3-day Lightroom Fundamentals workshop last week on creativeLIVE!

If you missed the workshop, or you want to watch it again, remember that you can purchase the entire 3-day recorded workshop, at creativeLIVE.com for $99.

Me, and the fabulous creativeLIVE Hosts & Moderators

If you don’t know creativeLIVE, you MUST check them out!  They offer free high-quality multi-day photography workshops online.  It was truly a privilege to teach for this fabulous team, and I thank them all for creating this wonderful live worldwide classroom, and for their professionalism, energy and stamina, encouragement and support, and for making it so fun! It was particularly wonderful to have the interaction with not only the great in-studio audience, but also with worldwide viewers.

View from the audience (Thank you to Niall David and Wynne Earle for the use of these photos.)

Some have asked me, what’s the difference between my Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond DVD, and the creativeLIVE recorded workshop?  The DVD is more information-packed, but does not have the energy of the live interaction and Q&A from the in-studio and worldwide web audience, which is what creativeLIVE is so well known for.  Some prefer the former, some love and value the latter, and others have written me saying that they love and have purchased both!