Update: the official release of Photoshop CS6 turned out to be the same as the beta, so this article and the video are relevant to the official release as well.

In this video, I show you the features that have most caught my attention so far in the Photoshop CS6 Beta:

  • The content-aware patch tool feature
  • Content-aware move and extend
  • Easy skin tone selection within Select>Color Range
  • New blur filters with on-screen controls and live preview
  • Incredible performance boost in the Liquify filter preview
  • Layer-based video editing — I didn’t expect this to be in my favorites list because I don’t shoot video, but it has made me want to start!

(After you click on the play button, click on the wheel/sprocket in the bottom right of the video to increase the quality setting.)


Though I didn’t cover it, the Adaptive Wide Angle lens correction feature is definitely cool too. Here’s a video from John Nack on this feature.